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Tips for the Environment

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Print using less paper-reset your page defaults to save paper and try to use double-sided printing (or print on the other side of previously used paper when possible).  For instructions on resetting defaults for Microsoft Word and WordPerfect, visit http://www.rfu.org/cp/saving.html.  Changing your margins, can reduce your document size by 10% or more!


Print only selected pages-Choose only the page needed to print, rather than the whole document.  When printing from the web, choose the option that allows two pages to be printed on one page.  Opt for the black cartridge unless color is needed.  Limit the number of pages by expanding margins or using the “shrink to fit” function.  If printing PowerPoint slides, print multiple slides on a page.  Select “file”, “print”, “print what”, “handouts (select up to 9 per page).  When printing pages from the Web, you can fit more than one screen per page.  Go to “file”, “print” and select “properties” and “layout”. 


Save that receipt electronically-Tempted to print your email or electronic receipt so that you can delete it from the folder?  Why not copy it to a document file (Word, WordPerfect) and save it electronically.  You can remove the clutter from your email server, but retain a copy for as long as needed.


Replace One Battery at a Time-So your device stopped working, and it takes four AA batteries.  Before you decide to dispose of all of them (weren’t you using rechargeable anyway?), check them out.  If you invest in a battery-tester, you can find out which batteries have no charge left and only replace those.  Make sure you dispose of your batteries properly-find a site at http://earth911.com/.


Improve your indoor air quality-skip the air fresheners, dryer sheets and fabric softeners (many contain phthalates), paint your house with no or low VOC paint (ask for it), keep house plants and turn off electronics when not in use.


Be vocal!  No recycling bin in your workplace, gym, or public place?  Ask why not.  Computers left on all day at school, library or other public place?  Ask why they are not set to sleep mode.  The EPA has estimated that “sleep mode’ reduces a computer’s energy consumption by 60-70%.  If done on a large scale, it could save $2 billion and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by the equivalent of five million cars.



World of Opportunity Wizard

Wow! Have you heard about Students Without Borders?

Daemen Professors & Students from several departments work at a public clinic to provide free medical care in Progreso Dos in the Dominican Republic during the semester break.

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