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The Department of Service Learning is located in the Wick Campus Center, Room 207, on the Daemen Campus. Staffed by a Director and work study student assistants, the Department provides guidance and assistance year-round to hundreds of students who engage in short- and long-term service-learning projects in one of Daemen’s three partner communities (Seneca Babcock, the West Side, Broadway Fillmore) or at other Daemen sponsored service placements. Within these urban, disadvantaged neighborhoods, students serve, learn, and gain the leadership, cross-cultural, and communication skills necessary to become civic-minded individuals prepared to contribute and participate in a democratic society.

Our Mission

To provide opportunities and resources for students to become engaged learners and informed, caring citizens while fulfilling Daemen's 'Civic Engagement' competency. This is accomplished by connecting students with their local and global communities through experiences that integrate academic course objectives, active service participation, and thoughtful reflection on these experiences.

The 5 W’s of Service Learning

What is Service Learning

Service-learning is a form of experiential learning that goes beyond traditional community service. Service-learning connects students to the community by linking academic curricula with active participation in service, and provides in-class opportunities for students to reflect on their experiences. The Service Learning Director strives to ensure that all service placements are mutually beneficial for students, the College, and the community partners being served (Daemen has over 50 community partners).

Who Participates in Service Learning

The Daemen College Core curriculum requires every undergraduate student complete a minimum of one three-credit hour academic service learning course prior to graduation. This requirement is fulfilled through a combination of academic course assignments such as text readings, journaling, reflection papers, and in class discussions and presentations AND 20 hours of service in a selected community agency for each credit hour of the service learning course – i.e., 20 service hours X 3 credit hours = 60 service hours total. Another option is completion of three separate one-credit add-ons to existing courses with 20 hours of service for each course.

When are Service Placements Offered

Service opportunities are offered Monday through Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Typically, a student will complete four hours per week during the semester in which they are enrolled in the service-learning course.

Where are Students Placed

The majority of students are placed in one of Daemen’s three partner neighborhoods in the City of Buffalo - the Seneca Babcock community, the West Side, or Broadway Fillmore. A complete list of placements within these communities as well as other Daemen sponsored service placements can be found on this web site.

Why Service Learning

Relevant and meaningful service:

  1. allows faculty to address multiple and varied student learning needs
  2. enhances students’ academic and personal learning and growth, and heightens their civic responsibility
  3. benefits youth, seniors, and families in local and global communities

For more information or questions contact

Cathaleen Curtiss, Director Experiential & Creative Learning

(716) 566-7877

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That’s the best way to really get a feel for what Daemen is all about! Daemen is located in suburban Amherst, New York just minutes away from the city of Buffalo. To schedule a weekday individual interview and tour the campus, email us admissions@daemen.edu or call 800.462.7652.

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Natural Sciences Professor Brenda Young will be attending the Fulbright Academy of Science and Technology in Panama and presenting a paper on our sustainability efforts.

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David was an international student from Caracas, Venezuela. He majored in International Business and had an internship at Liberty Pumps, which eventually turned into a job. 

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