6th Annual P2 Conference

Pictured are the students who received scholarships to attend the October 2012 P2 Collaborative of WNY conference:


1.     Taylor Jamison, Health Care Studies

2.     Nicholaus Salinas, Physical Therapy

3.     Kathryn Procknal, Social Work

4.     Matthew Bala, Physical Therapy

5.     Matthew Pryzdrozny, Physical Therapy

6.     Emma Yingling, Physical Therapy


with the following conference participants:


1.     Dr. Rick Vienne – Regional Medical Director, Univera Healthcare

2.     Ms. Rita Hubbard Robinson – ECMC

3.     Mr. Art Wingerter – President, Univera Healthcare

4.     Mr. Kevin Donovan – Chairman, P2 Board of Directors

5.     Dr. Mike Edbauer – Chief Medical Officer, Catholic Medical Partners

6.     Ms. Shelley Hirshberg – Executive Director of P2 Collaborative

7.     Carmaletta Morlock-Zandi – Board President, Morlock Foundation




Student Comments on the P2 Scholarship Conference



Dr. Millane,


The conference was a fantastic learning experience.  It held great insights into what is happening in the medical world as well as a glimpse at medical professionals from all areas of medicine.  I have shared knowledge with Dr. Ford of the PT department and several of my colleagues.  The key note speakers were particularly inspiring; their talks of health insurance and medical technology were very fascinating and intriguing.  I hope to attend in the future. Thank you for the experience!

-Matthew Bala





I have shared the information with family and friends and implemented it into my studies in classes dealing with health care promotion and communication. I valued attending this conference because it is directly in line with my major, which is Health Care Studies Community Health, and gave me a deeper understanding of what the professionals encounter on a daily basis. It also opened my eyes to other careers that I did not know were available.

-Taylor Jamison





1. I have shared my experience with Professor Daniel, the Social Work Department head. 


2. The P2 Collaborative Conference allowed me to gain valuable information on the positive steps Western New York has taken to create a healthier community for everyone. This experience has opened my eyes to the various aspects of community and individual health, and how as a future Social Work professional, I can help impact the health of our local area. 

-Kathryn Procknal




1. I have shared information about the conference with roughly 5-7 peers in my field of study at Daemen, 1-2 faculty members, and numerous family members.

2. The experience I had attending the P2 Conference provided valuable insight and a unique perspective on many of the current issues facing the health care system, as well as the people who engage in it within the local Western New York region.  The Conference additionally expanded my knowledge of more global issues and possible solutions concerning the health care system and related areas for the entire country through presentations made by nationally and internationally-known authors, health care professionals, and others.  It was very informative and I would jump at the chance to participate in and attend this growing event in future years to come.

Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity and experience!  

-Matthew Pryzdrozny



I have shared the conference information with some of my peers in my classes.  The conference really gave me an inside look to how other professionals view different aspects of healthcare.  The conference also allowed me to interact with different members of insurance companies that I will be dealing with on a daily basis when I am a physical therapist. 

-Emma Yingling





Since the trip to the P2 conference I have spoken with several students about the great experience that allowed me to learn more about the healthcare field than just the hands on aspect that I have become so comfortable with focusing on. The conference afforded me the opportunity to look at the big picture of healthcare in this country and gave me a few ideas about what part I play in the whole scheme of things now as a student and in the future as a practitioner. The conference topics discussed several ways of changing the face of care at both the local and national levels. I look forward to engaging more in the topic in the future by taking on leadership roles to help direct my community in a positive way. Helping to improve the quality of life of my community has always been my top priority and I am excited to continuing to make an impact here in my new home of Buffalo. I enjoyed the day very much and want to extend my thanks to yourself and the P2 conference for allowing me to attend. 

-Nicholaus Salinas



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