Paying Your Spring 2015 Bill

Spring 2015 Tuition Bills are due: Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Students are expected to make payment arrangements with the Office of Student Accounts by the first day of classes each semester or the due date on the bill if registering late or making adjustments to their schedule. The payment amount should be for the difference between the semester charges and any pending financial aid such as bank loans, outside scholarships, or federal aid.  

If there is any financial aid pending at the time payment is due, the student must sign a promissory note.  The form is included with the billing statement information or one can be signed in the Office of Student Accounts.  If the pending financial aid covers or exceeds the charges on the bill, a promissory note must still be signed.

The College accepts the following forms of payment:

  •     Cash
  •     Check
  •     Money Order (US funds only)
  •     Discover Card
  •     Mastercard
  •      Visa
  •     American Express
  •     Online payment through Webadvisor

Payment Plan Options

Two Month Payment Plan - One-half of the amount due is paid the first day of class.  The balance is due one month later.  There is no fee for this plan, UNLESS 2nd payment is not paid one month after 1st payment.  Fee is $50.

Five Month Payment Plan - This option requires a down payment of 20% of the total amount due by January prior to the start of the Spring semester.  The remaining balance is divided into four equal payments due February, March, April and May.  See Fee Schedule below.

Payment Plan Fee Schedule:

        Balance less than $2,000 - No Charge

        $2,001 and higher - Fee is $50.00 (per semester)

If Your Bill Is Not Settled


All on-campus residents must have their bill settled no later than Wednesday, January 14, 2015.  If your bill is not settled, your meal plan will be interrupted and a late fee of $100.00 will be added to your bill.  Settling your bill consists of a signed Promissory Note, Payment in Full, Payment Plan signed and paid.

All Students

The College reserves the option to cancel the registration of students who do not make satisfactory payment arrangements.

If a student's registration has been cancelled, it may be reinstated once while attending Daemen College.  Students will be assessed a $200.00 reinstatement fee, a $100.00 late fee and must complete a reinstatement form with the Office of Student Accounts.

All financial obligations must be settled in full before any claim is made for a degree, semester grade reports, or transcripts.  Student will be charged for collection agency fees and reasonable attorney fees incurred in the collection of all outstanding amounts owed to the College.


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