Tuition and Fees


Undergraduate Rates

Full-time Tuition (12-17 Credit Hours)  $ 23,580.00 per year

College Fee                                       $      340.00 per year

Student Activity Fee                            $      170.00 per year

Lab Fees - See link under Student Accounts Menu

Part-time Students

Tuition per credit hour  $ 785.00

College Fee for 6-11 credit hours  $ 80.00   

Student Activity Fee per credit hour  $ 6.00

Lab and Studio Fees - See link under Student Accounts Menu



Tuition per credit hour  $ 895.00 


Summer 2013 Tuition

Undergraduate Tuition per credit hour  $ 680.00

Undergraduate College Fee Per Credit Hour  $ 15.00

Graduate Tuition per credit hour  $ 895.00

Summer 2013 payment plans are available upon request.  Call 716.839.8213 for more information.

Inter-Semester 2014

Undergraduate Tuition per credit hour  $ 785.00

Graduate Tuition per credit hour  $ 895.00

Charges for Inter-Semester will be added and identified on your Spring 2014 Tuition Statement.

Last day for Drop/Add for the Inter-semester is: 1/2/14.  Inter-semester classes dropped after 1/2/14 will be charged full tuition cost of inter-semester class(s).



Special Tuition Fees

Audited or Non-credit hour Courses per credit hour: 

Undergraduate:  $ 392.50    

Graduate:  $ 447.50  

Challenge Exam Fee:  $ 100.00 plus $ 30.00 per credit hour

High School Students Program:  $ 100.00 per course. Limit 2 courses per semester. 

Residence and Board

                         Canavan Hall     Campus Suites      Campus Double

19-Meal Plan       $ 11,300/yr         $ 12,300/yr. $ 11,700/yr

14-Meal Plan        N/A                   $ 11,950/yr.  $ 11,350 /yr

10-Meal Plan        N/A                   $ 11,600/yr.            $  11,000 /yr

Canavan Hall Triple Room Credit                  

$ 300.00/sem.

$ 600.00/yr. 

Collegiate Village 4 BR                     

$ 4,775.00/sem.

$ 9,550.00/yr.

Collegiate Village Double BR 

$ 5,010.00/sem.

$ 10,020.00/yr.                              



Other Fees

Room Deposit Fee:                           $ 100.00/yr.

Late Payment Fee:                           $ 100.00/sem.  

Registration Reinstatement Fee:        $ 200.00/sem.


Student Health Insurance 2013 - 2014   

Fall 2013 Only (August 20, 2013 - January 22, 2014) - TBA  

Spring 2014 Only (January 23, 2014 - June 15, 2014) - TBA  

Fall 2013 thru Spring 2014 (August 1, 2013 - July 31, 2014) $1,695  

  • Student Health Insurance is available to all students upon request.  Please contact Sue Girard, Director of Health/Insurance Services @ 716-839-8446 for further information.

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Eric - History and Government

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