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Commuter students are important members of the Daemen College campus community. Being connected to the campus and taking advantage of various opportunities and activities can really enhance your college experience. All students can participate in Daemen's clubs and organizations, student government, College committees, campus events and activities, athletic events, and community service opportunities.

Here are some tips on how to get involved:

Events on Campus

Remember to check the Events page to learn about events on campus.   Also regularly check your Daemen email, as messages about campus events and activities happen almost daily.  Make sure you invite your family to join in our Homecoming & Family Weekend activities in November, and the many College events throughout the year that are open to the public.

Get Involved in Student Life

Student organizations are not just for resident students! Each academic department has a related student organization, plus there are many special interest clubs, Greek organizations, and College Committees you can be a part of.  Getting involved with student organizations is a great way to meet other students and fellow classmates. You can also apply to become a member of student government, the Orientation staff or many of the other leadership opportunities available on campus. 

Apply for a Campus Job

Working on campus lets you get to know the campus better and meet new people. Spending extra time on campus will help you become more acquainted with the college and the people who work here.   Not eligible for a work-study position through Financial Aid?  Daemen's Food Service Office also often has positions available for students.

Start a Study Group

Many of your fellow classmates will be with you on campus throughout your journey at college. Daemen's Research and Information Commons (RIC) is the heart of the campus and where many students spend a great deal of time.  Join your peers at the library or campus lounges and study together. This is a great way to connect with classmates outside the classroom, as you work on achieving many of your academic goals together.   You will find working together with your classmates invaluable, and they will feel the same about you.

Carpool to Campus!

Carpooling is a great way to commute to campus.  Not only does it give you an opportunity to make friends with new students, carpoolers can share costs (riders can chip in for gas), and Daemen College has a premium reserved parking area for students who carpool between the hours of 7-9 AM in the main parking lot between Wick Center and Duns Scotus Hall.   Parking at times is limited on campus -- take advantage of this opportunity to get reserved parking!

Visit the Residence Halls

Just because you don’t live here doesn't mean you can’t visit your friends on campus. Commuter students are encouraged to make friends with both other commuters and our resident students.   Resident students are permitted to have visitors in the residence halls, and commuter students often hang out with their friends there.

Don't Miss Our Theme Dinners

Commuter students regularly eat in Wick Dining Room, Cyber Cafe, or RIC's Daily Grind and there are options to either pay cash at the door or put money on your student ID for a discount.  Once a month, the College has a special Theme Dinner (or luncheon) with live entertainment and a specialty menu.  These are a fun way to meet and mingle with friends, and enjoy an entertaining meal at a very affordable price.

Intramural and Intercollegiate Teams

You don't have to be a star athlete to have fun and play in competitive sports.  Daemen has a number of intramural teams and club sports that organize throughout the year. To find out more about intramurals view our athletics page.   Playing not your speed?  That's OK, many students like to spectate as well.  While cheering on our Daemen Wildcats is always an exciting event, watching your friends playing in intramural games can also be just as fun!  Mark your calendars for our annual Blue Madness event in the fall that introduces our Daemen Wildcat teams to the student body along with fun games, prizes, and give aways.  It's just another Daemen tradition!

Participate in the Academic Festival

Every April, the College has a day when they host an Academic Festival throughout the campus.  Classes are cancelled on that day and students make presentations of research and projects they've worked on during the year, and/or they attend the presentations put on by their friends and colleagues.  Some presentations are closely linked to a student's academic major, and some presentations or performances are more related to students' outside interests (modern dance, puppetry, or music).  One highlight of the Festival each year is a Musicale, where students who sing or play a musical instrument can prepare one or two selections to perform in a very supportive amateur-friendly environment.  Oh, yes, and best of all there's a FREE LUNCH for commuters and the entire campus!

Attend the LEADS workshops

Daemen College offers many programs throughout the year that will aid all students in developing their leadership skills.  These LEADS Workshops are not only a great way to develop those outside-the-classroom skills so important in any kind of career, but they give you another opportunity to meet different students, faculty, and administrators, and, once again, there's a FREE LUNCH for all attendees!  See schedule at .

Get in Shape!

You can join an intramural team, a club sport, the Dance Club, or the Health & Wellness Club, but you can also just sign up to participate in some of the activities they also host for the campus.  Yoga classes, Pilates, aerobics and similar classes are often held on campus, and many students also exercise at their own pace in our weight room or cardio-fitness facility.  Daemen also recently purchased the YMCA across Main street (spring 2013), and opportunities for additional student fitness will be coming.


Since Daemen is the kind of place where you will get to know everyone at least in your department, students inevitably become very close with one another in their particular majors.  Participating in our Academic Clubs is one smart way to enhance those connections.  For some students, forming very deep bonds with a close circle of friends in a more social setting is also an important part of their college experience.  For many of these students, pledging a campus sorority or fraternity is a connection they choose, and Daemen has several organizations they can participate in.  Attend the informal "Rushes" or informational meetings advertised on campus to meet with and talk to the members of our various Greek organizations.

Don't Leave When Classes Ends

Don't rush off campus as soon as your class lets out. Staying an extra fifteen minutes in RIC, Wick Lobby, Cyber Cafe, the Gameroom, or one of the lounges on campus means an extra fifteen minutes you can use to talk to classmates or friends. Some commuters don't have the time to stay for evening events but staying for just a little while after class might be the link you need to feel connected.

It is hard to feel like a true part of your college community when you only stay on campus to attend classes. Getting involved in whatever way you can helps you discover the college experience that is truly your own!

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