Health Insurance

Daemen College requires all resident students, international students, club sport and intercollegiate student athletes and students in health-related fields of study (who are participating in clinical experiences) to carry health insurance. Students will be enrolled in the insurance plan unless they provide proof (by completing an online waiver form or by providing a photocopy of their insurance id card) of comparable insurance coverage. The premium is non-refundable.

Comparable coverage means:

  • access to local doctors and other healthcare providers
  • diagnostic testing/lab services
  • prescription drugs
  • outpatient mental health
  • inpatient and outpatient hospital services
  • emergency services.

Visit to:

  • Download the student insurance brochure
  • Complete and submit online enroll/wavier form
  • Review Frequently Asked Questions
  • Email questions to Gallagher Koster

The Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan provides coverage to students for a 12-month period, August 1, 2013, through July 31, 2014.  It is underwritten by United Healthcare Insurance Company and managed by Gallagher Koster.

We have found that many students arrive on campus with insurance that is inadequate due to restrictive provider networks, high deductibles, or limited coverage for services received outside of a health plan’s service area.  It is your decision to enroll or waive the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan, but here are some questions to think about and to ask your current health plan:

  • Does my plan cover full-time students attending college away from home or out of state?
  • Does my plan provide adequate coverage, coverage beyond emergency services to include diagnostic x-rays, and laboratory services, mental health coverage, prescription drugs, and inpatient and outpatient hospitalization?
  • Does my plan have health care providers in the Amherst, NY area?
  • Does my current plan have a high deductible that needs to be met before full coverage begins?

If you do NOT want to be covered by the College’s plan, it is imperative that you complete the Waiver Form by October 1, 2013 for fall and February 7, 2014, for newly enrolled students for the spring semester.  Please follow the directions above or simply bring a copy of your health insurance ID card to the Health & Insurance Services Office.

Online Enrollment Form

Any student who is not covered by their parents’ or guardian’s insurance, or not otherwise covered by an insurance plan, may purchase the Daemen College Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan.  Enrollment in the plan entitles the student to comprehensive health care services available at Family Care Medical Center.  The Center is a short distance from the campus on Maple Road.  Free round-trip transportation is provided from the College.  Spouse and/or dependent coverage is also available.  You can view an insurance brochure, which describes the medical benefits on the web at

Open enrollment period:

Fall 2013 semester:  through October 19, 2013

Spring 2014 semester:  through March 14, 2014

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