Medical Services

Are you ill? Do you need medical attention?

The Health and Insurance Services Office does not provide medical services on campus. To facilitate this need, students are given transportation (if needed) to local medical facilities. Please note that not all of the medical facilities accept all kinds of insurance. Please read the below information below, which details how to receive medical services if you are enrolled in either the Daemen insurance plan, or an outside insurance provider plan.

Students enrolled in the Daemen College Accident and Illness Insurance Plan:

During daytime hours, if you are not well and in need of medical attention:

1. Please call: 







   Days:  Hours:

Family Care Medical Center
61 Maple Rd.
Williamsville, NY 14221
(716) 565-1234

Mon – Thurs  8:00 am – 5:00 pm 
Friday 8:00 am - 12:30 pm
Saturday 8 am – 11am
(no appointment needed on Saturday)


2.  Identify yourself as a Daemen student who is covered by Daemen insurance when calling. Family Care is well-equipped and staffed to provide you with high-quality health care.  The center will make every effort to see you as soon as possible, the same day, but please call before going to the center so they can fit you into their schedule.  Walk-ins are taken ONLY on Saturday mornings.

3. If you need a ride… When you are ill, free transportation from campus to Family Care Medical Center will be provided for you by calling the Health and Insurance Services Office, after you have made your appointment, at ext. 8446 (weekdays) or Security at ext. 8246 (or “0” from any campus phone on Saturdays).  Let us know the time of your appointment and where on campus you wish to be picked up.  You will be picked up approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.  Call Security directly from the center (839-8246) for your return trip.  The driver will take you to a drug store on the way back to campus if you have prescription or over-the-counter medication needs.

4. The center will bill Health Smart (the health insurance claims department) directly, saving you the hassle. The co-pay, if required, is expected at the time of your office visit.  Please be sure to have your insurance card with you.

Directions to Family Care Medical Center: (approx. 2.7 miles from campus)

  • Exiting campus at Curtis Hall or the Business Bldg. parking lot, turn RIGHT in Getzville Rd.
  • Take Getzville Rd. to Sheridan Dr. (first light).
  • Turn LEFT on Sheridan Dr.
  • Turn RIGHT on Millersport Hwy (first light)
  • Take Millersport to Maple Rd.
  • Turn RIGHT on Maple Rd. Pass the first set of buildings on your right – the next building is Family Care.

On your return to campus:
When making a LEFT out of the center’s parking lot, get over to the RIGHT on Maple.  Take Millersport SOUTH.

For medication needs, Walgreens is located on the southwest corner of Sheridan and Millersport.  If you are stopping at Walgreens, cross Sheridan Drive (rather than making a left to heads towards campus) and make a RIGHT into Walgreen’s parking lot.

Inquire at the Health and Insurance Services Office for information on how to use the insurance when you are away from campus (home on weekends and/or breaks).

In the evening, or whenever Family Care is not open…

5. If you cannot wait until Family Care is open to seek medical attention, you may use the services at MASH Urgent Care, located in the Dent Tower on Sheridan Dr. (at the end of Campus Drive).

6. MASH Urgent Care is a walk-in facility (a mini-emergency room) and no appointments are required.  Just call Security (ext. 8246 or “0” from a campus phone) when you need a ride.


Students NOT enrolled in the Daemen College Accident and Illness Insurance Plan:

Take the time, before coming to Daemen for your first day of classes, to find out just how YOUR insurance works when away from home, when out of your network, etc. Don’t wait until you are sick! That’s the time when you least have the time or energy to find a health care provider.

When you’re sick or in pain, you want and may need medical attention quickly.  You’re feverish, achy and your nose is running.  You’re 200 miles away from home and have no way to get there to see your family physician.  With a busy day of classes ahead of you tomorrow, your road to recovery needs to begin tonight.

At MASH Urgent Care they understand that illness and injury don’t take a vacation because your doctor’s office is closed or you are away at college and do not have access to your primary physician.  You still deserve the compassion and quality medical attention you would receive from your personal physician or in the emergency room.

That is why MASH Urgent Care is staffed with board certified ER physicians who have the skills and experience to treat life’s little surprises with the expertise and compassion that you deserve.


MASH Urgent Care
3980 Sheridan Dr.
Amherst, NY 14226
(716) 929-2800

9am -9pm

7 days a week



Additional Information

For information on local pharmacies, dentists, urgent care facilities, and other medical services, please view the attached brochure.

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