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Vol. 6 Issue 1
September 25, 2014

5 Reasons to Learn Chinese at Daemen College

By Christine Kozlowski

"I will learn Chinese!" may not be one of the phrases often said in our predominantly English-speaking country. Nor is it one of the phrases you hear a person say and then see it being done. Unfortunately, many people fear the task of learning Chinese, claiming it to be too challenging or, perhaps, not necessary. However, mastering the art of speaking the Chinese language is not as difficult when you have the right resources. Therefore, the Chinese classes offered here at Daemen (CHI 101,102,105,106) are the only resources needed to enrich and begin your knowledge of an increasingly valuable foreign language.

Numerous people do not see the value in the learning of a new language. What many do not realize are the innumerable benefits foreign language skills can offer, especially language skills in Chinese. 

1.) Chinese language skills make one stand out in the job market. Nowadays, it has become increasingly difficult to find and secure a job. By including Chinese language skills on a resume, one can differentiate him/herself from others in order to increase chances of employment. Plus, how many people do you know who speak Chinese? Employers are thinking the same thing.

2.) Learning a second language improves mental power. Even for those in their adult years, learning a second language can have positive effects on the brain. Speaking Chinese can improve mental power by forcing one to learn how to arrange thoughts into an alternative pattern or organization. This results in mental stimulation of the brain and improved mental power.


3.) Business majors who speak Chinese may find better employment opportunities. Those seeking careers in business should strongly consider studying Chinese. China is the second largest trading partner with the U.S. and has the second largest economy in the world. Therefore, business majors are likely to work for a company that has some kind of relation with China. Studying Chinese can help one better understand China's culture and future Chinese counterparts.


4.) Learning Chinese is not that hard! Okay, so maybe at times studying Chinese can be difficult, but it is not as difficult as many believe. The basic word order of Chinese is subject + verb + object, as it is in English. Therefore, Chinese has a relatively uncomplicated grammar. For example,  Chinese has no subject/verb agreement (verb “to be” for am/are/is). In English, we say "I am", "He is," etc. Chinese would sound more like, "I be", "He be", "We be," etc. There is no need for subject/ verb conjugation because Chinese verbs have an unchangeable form. Additionally, there are no genders for words. In English, we use "the" for everything, no matter the following word. We say "the book," "the lamp," etc. However, in some foreign languages, they use a different gender for each word. For example, in Spanish, "the book" would translate to "EL libro." "The lamp" would translate to "LA lampara." But in Chinese, the words have no genders, making memorization of Chinese much easier than other foreign languages.


5.) Daemen makes learning Chinese fun and possible. In Daemen's Chinese classes, taught by Professor Wu, students are encouraged to participate and enjoy Chinese language/culture. In these classes, you may find yourself touring a local Chinese market, dining in a nearby Chinese restaurant, tasting "Bubble Tea" (a popular Chinese drink) in class, etc. You may also find yourself learning a language you never thought was possible through the help of language assistants, a small classroom setting, and a dedicated professor who truly wants her students to learn.


If learning Chinese is not on your "to-do" list already, it should be. Daemen offers an amazing course that should be taken advantage of because you'll never know the personal benefits of learning Chinese until you give it a try. Zàijiàn!


Why YOU Should Come to the Next Daemen Men’s Soccer Game

By Mopati Kuswani

For one to say soccer is a boring sport is a telling tale that they weren’t at the Daemen men’s game against Gannon Tuesday night. The Wildcats won the game handily beating the Golden Knights by a score of 3-1 with Cole Beale scoring a pair and Alex Reid also getting on the scoreboard.

But there was much more than a 3-1 victory for Daemen that night. The Daemen College student body took a giant step forward toward being full-fledged, fully-committed fútbol fans with their enthusiastic support for their beloved soccer team. Their more than animated cheers, roars and yells became even louder after every Daemen shot attempt, discounted goal, missed opportunity, and even after Gannon’s misses. But what amazes me is that though most people that I meet on Daemen’s campus do not like “soccer,” (football as it is called everywhere else in the world), let alone watch it, the supporters I saw at Thursday’s game were nothing but lifelong fans of the sport.

Now I’m not predicting that the Daemen football team will win the rest of its games from now on, but I will say this: as long as we, the people in the bleachers, deliver a showing of support, such as that of Tuesday night, then Daemen should always be favored to win the football match. Vice-versa, should the team keep winning, the fans should keep cheering. One helps out the other- a symbiosis, so to speak.



Seams & Soles: Intern Style File

By Christianna Adams

Do you have an internship, class presentation, or interview this semester? Ditch your sweat pants and dress to impress! Here’s some affordable style inspiration for your future endeavors this semester.

A basic black pant is an essential piece for your wardrobe, due to its versatility. Pair a black pant with a blouse or sweater and you’ll instantly look fabulous. Below is a Wayf Side Zip Ankle Pant that retails for $20 at Nordstrom Rack. Add your choice of a heel or flat and you’re good to go!




Spice up a pantsuit with a statement blazer. Be bold and daring with a printed blazer, like this one from River Island, retailed for $33. Bright colors are known as a mood booster, make people smile with this piece. The colors can be paired with subtle bottoms or mix colored pieces for a bold outfit.



Finish off your stylish look with a pair of heels that are perfect for every occasion. This low heel chic Jessica Simpson pump will not disappoint. Add the pump with a skirt or pant ensemble and walk with ease all day. The low heel is comfortable yet appropriate for work or play. Did I mention they retail for $25 on  These pumps won’t hurt your feet or your wallet.



Ignite your inner fashionista and start your fall business wardrobe!





Buffalo, NY—Just Buffalo Literary Center is proud to announce that on Saturday, Sept. 27, 100,000 poets and artists for Change will be returning for a second time around to the historic Silo City venue, located at 100 Childs St, Buffalo, NY. It runs from 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm and will be free and open to the public. 100,000 poets and artists from around the world will come together, on multiple stages, to promote social, environmental, and political change. Spectators can look forward to a variety of performers. From 125 poets from Buffalo and the surrounding areas (ranging from emerging poets who will read beside established poets, slam poets who will read beside poets of the page, to grade school children who will read beside professors, all unify the theme in their works, the change they want to see in our ever-complicated world.) to live musical performances and projection art from all walks of life.

There will be a variety of artists from non-profit media arts center, Squeaky Wheel, and University at Buffalo’s Institute for Arts and Emerging Technology (TECHNE), projecting art on silo walls, throughout the course of the event. There will also be a great diversity of performances from both local musical standouts and out-of-town bands including:Dan Harper & The Magic Show, Ahavaraba, Helen, Alassane Sarr & N’Dias, Steve Baczkowski, and Motel Beds. In addition, there will also be a selection of local food (West Side Bazaar’s Abyssinian Ethiopian Cuisine, Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs, and Gelato Gypsy) and beverage trucks on site to keep spectators fed and refreshed (a beer truck will also be provided on site).


Funded through generous support from the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp, as part of the 2014 Buffalo River Programs administered by the Arts Services Initiative of WNY, 100,000 Poets & Artists for Change seeks to elevate the recognition and role of Buffalo's premiere literary arts scene, which has been playing a vital part in downtown restoration efforts. For a full schedule of readers and more information, please visit and don’t forget to check out and see this worldwide poetic event for the ages.


A Pint for a Patient

By Summer Philipson

Donating blood typically carries a negative connotation. Whether it be the needles, the hassle, or the blood, people tend to avoid it. In fact, out of the estimated 38% of the United States population that is healthy enough and is physically able to donate, only 10% actually go through with the process. This number is astounding, considering someone in the United States needs a blood transfusion about every two seconds. With the high frequency of blood transfusions needed every day and the increasing demand for donors, it’s essential to set the facts straight in order to increase donor turnout.

Many first-time donors are extremely anxious prior to the procedure. Pain tends to be one of the main elements that deter people away. However, this, among other fears, is not accurate. The process is exceedingly fast, extremely efficient, and relatively painless.  Before donating, the volunteer is examined in order to ensure that they are well enough to give blood. This includes an iron level sample, a weight measurement, and a medical history evaluation. If all of the necessary requirements are met, the donor will then have the pint of blood drawn. The entire process takes roughly an hour to complete.

Here are some tips if you are donating blood:

1.      Get enough sleep the night before

2.      Eat before you donate (you cannot donate if your iron level falls below the minimum level)

3.      Drink plenty of water

4.      Donate with a friend (it’s a great tension easer to go through the process with someone else)

5.      Rest for the remainder of the day (do not exercise or participate in strenuous activities)


Donating blood is like any other volunteer activity. It helps you not only give back to the community, but can also potentially save someone’s life. The single pint of blood that is taken is enough to save the lives of about three people. And that is extremely rewarding. Aside from the moral benefits, each blood donation decreases blood cholesterol levels and discards extra calories.

If you are interested in donating, Daemen College will be hosting a UNYTS blood drive on October 8 in the Wick Social room. Sign up today and help save a life!

-statistics and information found on and

Another Successful Year for the Campus Fair!

By Dan Gertis


The Daemen college campus fair began on Tuesday, September 16 in the Alumni Lounge and gave students the opportunity to discover the clubs and interest groups at Daemen. 

The lucha club played Hispanic music, the step team showed off their moves, the ultimate frisbee club tossed frisbees, and campus quad grad students promoted their apps - the fair was alive with activity and friendly faces. To attract new recruits, Greek clubs used colorful posters and the gospel club hand-delivered flyers to students passing in the lunch rush. It was a time for students to connect and plug in to the Daemen community.

Colleagues Collaborate: 'Want Everything'

By Kayla Leach




College professors by day and established Buffalo artists by night—a Daemen duo connected their effervescent and whimsical painting and sculptural processes in their collaborative exhibit:  “Want Everything” at Indigo Gallery in Allentown running from September 12th through October 4th.

Program designer for Graphic Design and Animation Kevin Kegler and Associate Drawing and Painting Professor Felice Koenig share a meditative process that dips into concepts such as reflections of the past, relationships, and ecosystems. The artists discovered an aesthetic and conceptual dialogue between their works while showing together at Echo Art fair last year.

Both artists shared responsibility for each collaborative work.  Their process consisted of personal time with each piece and collective conversations responding to each other’s creative input. The hybrid product resembles the conversation between artists.

The collaborative works captured a moment in time when two beings are connected or cross paths on their different journeys in life. The works demand the desire to be touched and focus on organic and clean textures of the materials surface. Each work was given two titles, one from each artist, which allowed the viewer to arrive at multiple metaphorical solutions for each.

Both artists shared a positive experience with the collaboration process. “Having a mutual admiration for each other’s work and then working together is very exciting when most of the time painting is alone in a studio. Collaboration is being a team where interesting new things can happen,” said Professor Koenig.

 “As visual artists, we usually are the sole authors of the artwork. We guard it and hold it as our own. There is something freeing in allowing another artist full access to your ideas and process, agreeing on a shared direction, and trusting that you can give your full creative energy to a piece of work that is not only your creation” added Professor Kegler.

The artists enjoyed a large turnout at their grand opening and plan on continuing their collaborative creative process.


Comic Relief

By Mark Poblocki





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