Academic Organizations

Accounting Club

Vice President:

(updated 11/26/13)

Actor's Guild

President: Nicholas Russo
Vice President: Anthony Olan
Vice President: Joel Congi
Moderator: Chris Brandjes

(updated 4/9/15)

After Math

President: Taylor Heinold
Vice President: Maria McGrath
Moderator: Norollah Talebi
Moderator: Jeremy Hall

(updated 4/9/15)

American Association of University Women (AAUW)

Co President: Dior Manning
Co President: Sierra Boerman
Co Vice President: Jessica Mark
Co Vice President: Kimberly Maende
Moderator: Penny Messinger

(updated 2/11/15)

Animation and Story Production Club 

2014-15 Offiers:
President: Lucky Prak
Vice President: Constance Cartwright

2015-16 Officers:
President: Sydney Mangin
Vice President: Eric Keller

Moderator: Ken Doyle
Moderator: Ashley Barraclough
Moderator: Scott Holmes

(updated 11/5/14)

Art Club

President: Sydney Mangin
Vice President: Ryan Koch
Moderator: Brita D'Agostino
Moderator: Felice Koenig

(updated 10/21/14)

Athletic Training Student Association 

President: Meghan Short
Vice President: Rachel Reichart

Secretary: Stephanie Czaja
Treasurer: Stephanie Woleben

Fundraising: Morgan Stefanik
Moderator: Jeff Sage

(updated 2/12/15)

Business Club

President: Hayley Brown
Vice President of PR: Hayden Vogel
Vice President of Marketing: Tia Elster
Moderator: Sharlene Buszka

(updated 9/24/14)

Drawing Club

President: Jeff Houck
Vice President: Lucky Prak
Moderator: Dana Hatchett

(updated 4/17/13)

Education Club

President: Emily Valone
Vice President: Vacant
Moderator: Joanne Sadler

(updated 9/24/14)

English Club

President: Ann Marie Rose
Vice President:
Moderator: Charlie Wesley

(updated 10/31/14)

Health Care Studies Student Association 

2014-15 officers:
Co-President: Tyler Russell
Co-President: Courtney McCloskey
Vice President: Nicole Donofrio

2015-16 officers:
President: Alexandra Esquivel
Vice President: Rainelle Henry

Moderator: Stephanie Malineneko 

(updated 4/10/15)

History & Government Club

President: Carla Hernandez
Vice President: Zahra Nayyeri
Secretary/ Treasurer: Jessica Mark
Public Relations Coordinator: Nigel Haynes

 Moderator: Penny Messinger

(updated 9/24/14)

Marketing Club

Vice President:

(updated 6/26/13)

Modern Language Club

Vice President:
Moderator: Denise Mills

(updated 12/3/13)

Physician Assistant Student Society (PASS)

President: Taylor Jones
Vice President: Kristen Rudroff
Moderator: Joel Patterson

(updated 9/9/14)

Pre-Law Association

President: Jordan Sieracki
Vice President: Tyler Vanice 

Secretary/Treasurer: Taqiyah Gibbons

Public Relations Coordinator: Nigel Haynes
Moderator: Lisa Parshall

(updated 9/24/14)

Psychology Club

President: Mercedes Benson

Vice President: Mark Poblocki

Secretary: Nick Parkolap

Treasurer: Nicole D'Agostino

Historian: Candice Roberts
Moderator: Colleen Kashino

(updated 10/22/14)

Sigma Pi Epsilon Delta

Co-President: Katie Lutz
Co-President: Alison Pajak
Moderator: Bruce Shields 

(update 9/5/14)

Social Work Alliance

President: Angela Doria
Vice President: Miranda Sharkey
Moderator: Diane Bessel  

(updated 10/1/14)

Society for Human Resource Management

President: Hayley Brown
Vice President: Ashley Breth 

Treasurer: Morgan Villnave
Secretary: Jennifer Honer
Moderator: Sharlene Buszka

(updated 9/24/14)

Sports Management Club

Co-President: Deion McFadden
Co-President: Devotae James
Moderator: Dennis Lynch
Moderator: Bridget Niland  

(updated 11/5/14)

Student Honors Organization

President: Paige Gilbert
Vice President: Caitlin Clarkin
Moderator: Matt Ward

(updated 9/5/14)

Student Physical Therapy Association (SPTA)

CLASS of 2015
President: William Denz
Vice President: Lauren Billotti

CLASS of 2016

President: Stephen Maxwell
Vice President: Matt Thompson

CLASS of 2017
President: Sarah Mang
Vice President: Colby Degeatano

Moderator: Margaret Mazzone
Moderator: Sharon Held

(updated 11/3/14)


President:  Jessica Saetang
Vice President: Tsering Choedon
Moderator: Robert Gunther

Check out this video:

(updated 11/3/14)



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In Daemen, I took ESL classes to improve my English. I worked at Canavan Desk and made a lot of friends over there. I participated in a Business dinner with my professors. I was invited to join a family party by my professors. During the weekends, I often take the school shuttle to the shopping mall. These experiences helped me to ease into the American-style of study, life, and business.