What is the VFX Program?

It is a certificate training program in Visual Effects for post-production work in the film industry.

For more information, call 716-839-8225.

What Does the Certificate Training Entail?

Five classes, three credits per class:

  • VFX115 Rotoscoping
  • VFX230 Paint & Rig Removal
  • VFX220 Compositing
  • VFX110 Matchmoving
  • VFX225 Stereoscopic Conversion

What Are the Prerequisites to Apply?

Equivalent of a two-year, Associate’s degree with proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

For More Information?

Contact Scott Holmes, sholmes@daemen.edu.

International Center for Excellence in Animation

The Center is equipped with three studios, one editing room, a 65seat screening room with 5.1 surround sound and 3-D projection capabilities, and professional film equipment.