Environmental Resources

As we look toward a brighter, bolder future, we must consider the choices we make today and how they will affect our most precious resource: the planet we call home. Here are few fantastic resources that will help you make positive, eco-friendly choices:

How to compost: Everyday, we contribute to massive waste that clogs landfills. Trapped under several thousand pounds of material, even organic waste cannot receive the proper condition necessary to break down appropriate, creating methane gas. This harmful gas is highly detrimental to the Earth's atmosphere. Composting is easy, can decrease levels of methane, reduce erosion, replenish struggling soils and make your garden veggies taste great!

Recycling (nearly) anything, anywhere: Recycling makes sense. It significantly decreases the amount of wastes sent to landfills, contributes to the conservation of precious natural resources, reduces greenhouse gases, and even helps to create jobs! Easy to do at work and at home, this site shows you exactly what you can recycle and where!

Safe, non-toxic household cleaners: Provides suggestions for making effective homemade cleaning alternatives, composed of environmentally safe products! For those on the go, this site also recommends non-toxic products available for purchase that are safe for you, your children, your pets and the environment!

The Daily Green: A consumer's guide to daily green living, including eco-friendly tips and advice, relevant news, and yummy vegetarian and vegan recipes!

GrowWNY: There is a green renaissance occurring in Western New York! Be a part of the movement and check out this site for all things environmental right here, from news, events, volunteer opportunities and educational programs and so much more!

Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper: Riverkeeper is committed to protecting and restoring the quality of and quantity of our water, with a focus on improving access for future generations. Learn how you can get involved with Riverkeeper to improve our community's ecology.

Environmental Advocates of New York State: Environmental Advocates of New York strives to protect the air, land, water and wildlife and the health of all New Yorkers. Follow their work to make New York a national leader in environmental sustainability and eco-consciousness.

Food and Water Watch: Food and Water Watch works to ensure the food, water and fish that we consume is safe, accessible and sustainably produced. Their activism throughout the country has helped communities become healthier, happier and more eco-friendly.

The Right to Know: As a citizen of the planet Earth, you have the right to know about environmental issues, health and safety as it relates to governmental policies. Use this resource to learn about toxic releases, spills and accidents and hazardous waste that may impact your community.

EnviroFacts: Provided by the EPA, this resource is your one-stop source for environmental information as it relates to your community. Search for your zipcode to learn more about your air quality, the land around you and the water that you drink.

Green Dream Jobs: Ever dreamed of working for the environment? Check out this site for renewable and clean energy jobs, green building opportunities, and even work with organic farms!

Green Corps: As the world and our environment changes, our need for knowledgeable, trained and committed environmentalists increases. Learn more about Green Corps' one year, full-time paid Field School for Environmental Organizing which includes intensive class training and hands on field experience in running environmental campaigns.

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