Language Arts & Theater Camp

Each summer the Thomas Reynolds Center for Special Education collaborates with the Visual & Performing Arts Department, along with Musical fare Theater and the Center for Sustainable Communities & Civic Engagement, to host a camp. A two-week, summer camp for children grades 3-6 from Buffalo's Fruit Belt (Daemen partner neighborhood). Activities addressed skill building in reading and writing using research-based curricula and exposure to performance and creative arts. Students were then led through improvisation exercises, related to the texts; at the Campus' Musical fare Theatre by a faculty member/actor.

Vendors proving information on healthy living to Daemen student and parent

Community Outreach Survey: 

World on Your Plate: the mission of  WOYP is to create a table where all are welcome by promoting sustainability for farmers and consumers and educating  the community  about issues of food security and safety. WOYP's 9th Annual two-day Conference on Food and Sustainable Living takes place October 12 and 13th, 2012 at Daemen College. 

Locust Street Playground 

In 2005, the Daemen Center for Sustainable Communities and Civic Engagement met with residents and community organizations in the inner city “Fruit Belt” neighborhood of Buffalo, NY to listen to needs of the neighborhood. A safe place for children to play was clearly a priority. A coalition of neighborhood block clubs and the Daemen CSCCE applied for a KaBoom grant for a children’s playground. KaBoom is a non-profit organization that matches communities that want playgrounds with local funders.  In this case, Home Depot of Buffalo provided $35,000 worth of playground equipment and labor for a neighborhood playground.  The planning process for the playground and “Build Day” included over 100 volunteers from the community, Daemen College, and local businesses.


           None Like You/We Care Block Club Rehab Project

BlockClub President and Buffalo Housing Court community liaison Mrs. Elizabeth Triggs, volunteered to rehabilitate a house on the city’s demolition list and convert into a community meeting space for her East Side neighborhood.  In 2010, a freshman class at Daemen College began gutting the house in preparation for new plumbing, heating, and electrical work. In 2011, other classes provided additional labor for rehabbing the community house.  Students painted, helped put in windows and doors, and sanded floors. The hands-on project was anexcellent way to enhance classroom learning.The project was completed in May, 2012