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Presently the DCPTWCC is engaged in several research initiatives with partners from various aspects of the Wound Care Industry. Partnerships evolve fromcommon interests and focus on clinical needs. Specialists in the areas of Mechanical Engineering, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Medicine offer our research partners a broad and deep opportunity to design studies that cross disciplines and maximize expertise. Examples of our fields of inquiry include the proteomics of wound healing, contemporary wound applications and dressings, new therapeutic modalities, and emerging technologies that focus on future interventions, which enhance healing and reduce costs for patients suffering from chronic wounds.Our collaborative, multidisciplinary, team model bridges the clinical, academic, and research arenas, and has led to national and international recognition. Investigations have also led to new patented technologies.

Daemen College faculty researchers have published wound related research in national and international peer reviewed journals and have lectured internationally to disseminate their research findings. Read more about the Daemen College Wound Center research findings.

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