The purpose of the Daemen College Teacher / Leadership Quality Partnership (T/LQP) project is to assist Buffalo educators develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to increase student achievement in Buffalo schools. Through standards that focus on systematic assessment and performance-based learning, the Daemen College T/LQP project facilitates the continuous improvement of both pre- and in-service educators. Specifically, our project establishes and maintains support systems – including a learning community consisting of Daemen College faculty, pre-service teachers, in-service Buffalo educators, and administrators.


The mission the Daemen College Teacher / Leadership Quality Partnership (T/LQP) project is to improve the academic success of students in Buffalo schools by improving the quality of instruction. Drawing on the experiences, skills, and knowledge of our partners and working collaboratively with other T/LQP projects, we design and implement research-based professional development programs that help both school administrators and pre- and in-service teachers meet the needs of their students. Accountability and improvement in both teacher preparation and classroom instruction are central to our Teacher / Leadership Quality Partnership (T/LQP) project.


Highly effective educators collaborate as part of a learning community to create, review, and edit learning experiences to post on-line. The on-line learning experiences reflect our ability to use our program principles of; 1) Equity, 2) Teaching and Learning, 3) Data Strategies: Assessment and 4) Technology to create a set of exemplar standards based lessons. Teachers are considered as being highly effective only after they have posted a learning experience on-line that has successfully gone through our community’s full peer review process. Once a teacher is considered to be highly qualified, she/he is charged with mentoring other experienced teachers to be part of our core group of highly effective educators and/or mentoring new and pre-service educators in developing pedagogical content knowledge while assisting them in developing and documenting standards based-learning experiences.

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