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April 15th

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Corporations, nonprofits, and governments recognize that sustainable practices save money, enhance image and lead to healthier, economically viable communities.

In addition to teaching you all the facets of business—economics, management, organizational behavior, accounting, marketing, law, and international business—we will prepare you for the most important issues facing business leaders today including, diversity, ethics, and global management. Your project-based experiences locally and globally will give you insight for new approaches and understanding cultural differences while honing your skills at listening, speaking and taking action.

This program can typically be completed in four years with semesters of 15-18 credits (129 credits total), depending on your previous language experience. The sustainability major requires an international experience which can be completed during the summer or as part of a semester exchange. Our Global Studies Office can work with you to find a program that best fits your interests and timing.

Learn more about the Double Up: Global & Local Sustainability and Business Administration (PDF).

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