Academic Calendar for 2014-2015

NOTE: Different calendar dates may apply for select courses and/or offerings at locations other than the Main campus.  Consult the complete academic calendar on the Daemen web page for details.


First Semester

August 31           Welcome Week begins

September 3           Classes begin

September 10         Last day for making changes in schedule (Adds and Drops)

October 4               Application for Degree forms must be filed with the Registrar's office for all prospective January and May 2014 graduates

October 12-15      Fall Break — classes will not meet

October 16            Classes resume

October 23            Mid-semester deficiencies due at NOON

November 6          Last day for authorized withdrawal from courses (or change to audit)

November 8        Advance Registration begins for Intersemester/Spring Semester 2014

November 27-30   Thanksgiving Recess — classes will not meet

December 2         Classes resume

December 6          Last day of classes

December 9        Final Examinations begin (NOTE: Exams for select courses may be scheduled for December 7 and/or 8.)

December 13         Final Examinations and Fall ‘13 Semester ends

December 17         Semester grades due at NOON

Intersemester Session

January 2               Classes begin

January 13             Last day for authorized withdrawal from courses (or change to audit)

January 17             Last day of classes

January 20            Martin Luther King, Jr. Observance — offices are closed

January 21             Final Examinations are held (if no exam, class is held on this day)

January 23             Intersemester grades due

Second Semester

January 22            Classes begin

January 29            Last day for making changes in schedule (Adds and Drops)

February 17          President’s Day — classes will not meet

March 7                Mid-semester deficiencies due at NOON

March 8 - 15        Spring Break — classes will not meet

March 17              Classes resume

March 31             Last day for authorized withdrawal from courses (or change to audit)

April 2                Advance Registration begins for Summer and Fall Semester 2014

TBA                    Academic Festival

April 14               Last day for submission of application to Upper Division/Professional Phase of Major for all departments

April 18 - 22       Spring Holiday - classes will not meet

April 23                Classes resume

May 2                  Last day of classes

May 5                  Final Examinations begin (NOTE: Exams for select courses may be scheduled for May 3 and/or 4.)

May 9                  Final Examinations and Spring 2014 semester end

May 13                 Grades due at NOON for: prospective May ‘14 graduates, non-graduating ceremony "walkers," and candidates for admission to professional phase studies in Athletic Training and Physical Therapy

May 16                  Baccalaureate Awards Ceremony

May 17                  Commencement (held at Kleinhans Music Hall, Buffalo, NY); 2:30PM

May 20                  Semester grades due at NOON for all other students

June 6                    Application for Degree forms must be filed for all prospective September 2014 graduates

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The Daemen College Weighted Average Ultimate Pass Rate based on the most current data as reported by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (2009-2011) is 100%, with our graduates demonstrating first time pass rates above both state and national averages each year.

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