Gary A. Olson, President; B.A., Kings College; M.A., University of Connecticut; Ph.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Robert C. Beiswanger, Jr., Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer; B.S., M.B.A., State University of New York at Buffalo.

Patricia Ruppert Brown, Vice President for Enrollment Management; B.A., M.A., State University of New York College at Oswego; Ph.D., Northern Arizona University.

Michael S. Brogan, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College; A.S., Erie Community College; B.S., Daemen College; M.S., State University of New York at Buffalo; D.P.T., Daemen College.

Richanne C. Mankey, Vice President for Institutional Advancement; B.A., Ohio Northern University; M.S. Ed., University of Dayton; Ed.D., Columbia University Teachers College.

Greg J. Nayor, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students; B.A., M.Ed., State University of New York at Potsdam; Ph.D., University of Virginia

Presidents Emeriti

*M. Alphonse Kampshoff, OSF
*M. Angela Canavan, OSF
*Robert S. Marshall, Ph.D
Martin J. Anisman, Ph.D

The Board of Trustees

Dale B. Demyanick ‘79

Thomas P. Stewart '74
   Vice Chair

Richard J. Day

Gary A. Olson
  President (Ex Officio)

Thomas E. Brydges
Caroline Hassett Buerk ‘59
Audre Bunis
Catherine M. LePage-Campbell '84 Kevin M. Carter
Robert M. Chur
Jed E. Dietrich
Donald B. Hutton
Hratch Karamanoukian
Kathryn D. Karlic
Seymour H. Knox, IV
Jeffrey Meilman
Lynn S. Millane Gail Y. Mitchell
Dorothy Mueller '66, OSF
Thomas M. Reynolds Connie Vari Jeffrey A. Wellington
Wayne D. Wisbaum
Edith Wyss '66, OSF
Brenda L. Young

Trustees Emeriti

*Thomas W. Bowen
Adrian F. Dedecker, Jr.
*Leonard Greenfield
*Edward P. Gueth, Jr.
Nedra J. Harrison ‘73
Peter F. Hunt
*William W. Kimmins, Jr.
*Charles L. Lumsden
*Milton Milstein
Hon. Henry J. Nowak
*Jean R. Oshei
*Joan Ellis Shatkin
*M. Angelice Vogt, OSF
Paul A. Willax

Faculty Emeriti

James A. Allen
  Professor Emeritus
*Mary Urban Archer, OSF
  Professor Emerita
Ellen Banks
  Professor Emerita
John Blest
  Professor Emeritus
Richard Cimbalo
  Professor Emeritus
Rosalind F. Cramer
  Professor Emerita
J. Edward Cuddy
  Professor Emeritus
Marion Short Elmer
  Professor Emerita
*Jeanne File, OSF
  Professor Emerita
Joan Gunther
  Professor Emerita
*M. Rachel Hooper, OSF
  Professor Emerita
Abu Ismail
  Professor Emeritus
Richard Johnston
  Professor Emeritus
*Arnold Kieltsch
  Professor Emeritus
*James K.Y. Kuo
  Professor Emeritus
Karen Little
  Professor Emerita
Thomas J. Maass
  Professor Emeritus
*John Masterson
  Professor Emeritus
Carol Maull
  Professor Emerita
*Edward J. McMahon
  Professor Emeritus
*Elizabeth S. O’Neil
  Professor Emerita
William Predmore
  Professor Emeritus
*M. Vivian Rauch, OSF
  Professor Emerita
Charles Reedy
  Professor Emeritus
*Charles Sabatino
  Professor Emeritus
*M. Francesca Schlang, OSF
 Professor Emerita  
Richard S. Schweichler
  Professor Emeritus
John Segmen
  Professor Emeritus
Peter Siedlecki
  Professor Emeritus
*Wilma Sorohan, OSF
  Professor Emerita
John Starkey
  Professor Emeritus
Virginia C. Suhalla
  Professor Emerita
*Katherine Sullivan
  Professor Emerita
Christopher Wilson
  Professor Emeritus
Alfred W. Zielonka
  Professor Emeritus

* deceased

World of Opportunity Wizard

Wow! We have students studying from Saudi Arabia at Daemen College!

Eighteen students from Saudi Arabi are participating in the Health Care Studies, Natural Science, Executive Leadership and Change, etc programs. 

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Planned Giving
The M. Angela Canavan, OSF Legacy Society was established to recognize those thoughtful members of the Rosary Hill/Daemen College community who have made a provision for the college in their estate plans through a bequest, life insurance policy, trust, retirement plan, IRA or other planned gift.