Conditional Admissions and Scholarships

Conditional admissions to undergraduate and graduate programs

If you are an international student and meet all of the qualifications for admission to an undergraduate or graduate degree program at Daemen except the minimum English language proficiency scores of 79 ibT or IELTS 6.5 across all bands, you may receive "Conditional Admission."

Gain confidence in your English skills

Conditional admission means you are admitted to enroll in that program after you fulfill the condition of showing you have met that program's minimum English language proficiency requirement. Upon arrival, conditionally admitted students will be placed in our Intensive English Language Program based on the IELP placement test score.

Depending on a student's needs and abilities, students will start in the IELP and then be admitted to their degree program after one or more semesters if they have successfully completed the IELP program at the highest level. Advanced level IELP students may also be eligible to take college credit classes concurrently.

The TOEFL score is waived for conditionally admitted students who have successfully completed the highest level of IELP and passed ESL 101 (undergraduate) or ESL 215 (graduate) with the required grade point average. **Certain degree programs may have other minimum requirements. Please review the requirements for your degree program.

To apply for conditional admission complete the Daemen application.

Scholarship for International Students

 What scholarships are available for international students?

Once you have successfully complete the IELP and are enrolled full time into one of our degree programs, you are eligible for a scholarship from $2,000 - $8,000.

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Faculty accompanied students to Mexico City and Cuernavaca for the January inter-semester term.

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