Program Tracks

There are several tracks to choose from in the IELP.

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Your Track Options at Intensive English Language Program. Click on each track to read more.


Track 1
IELP only

Track 2a
Pathway/ Academic Preparation

Track 2b
Pathway/ Academic Preparation +Graduate

Track 3
Conditional Admission to Daemen College

Track 4
Resident Non-native English Speakers

Toefl > 40 ibT + *Placement test > 55 ibT + *Placement test > 68 + *Placement test > 40 + *Placement test No TOEFL but high school diploma or GED. SAT test optional
Hours of Instruction 20-25 20-25 20 -25 20-25 12+
Classes Core classes: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

1 Elective class
Core Classes: reading, writing, listening, speaking, and 1 concurrent regular college class Core Classes: Advanced reading/writing and listening & speaking; 1-2 concurrent college courses Core classes in IELP depending on students level and needs. May take one regular college class concurrently Core classes in IELP + at least one college class in their major each semester
IELP Levels Levels 1-4 High beginner to advanced Level 3 Level 4 Levels 1-4 High Beginner to Advanced Levels 2-4

*Placement test given and scores evaluated upon arrival.

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