Charles Wesley

My academic interests are not situated within a single national framework or period, as I focus on comparative and transnational approaches to literature. I enjoy teaching courses that place authors from around the world in dialogue with one another, creating the opportunity for the new and sometimes unexpected insights that emerge from these juxtapositions. My other academic interests include the interplay between aesthetics and culture in works of fiction, exile literature, literature of the fantastic, human rights, and the study of modernity. Currently I am teaching or planning courses in magical realism, exile literature, the novel, and banned/censored books. In the past I’ve taught Approaches to Literature, World Literature I, British Literature II, African American Literature, and Writing Composition.

My research has been published in Modern Language StudiesThe Chronicle of Higher EducationUniversitätsverlag WINTER Heidelberg, and Peter Lang press, with more forthcoming in the Journal of Modern Literature, Studies in the Novel, The Journal of Commonwealth Literature, and Palgrave Macmillan press. I’m currently co-editing a collection of essays with Ana Mendes entitled “Salman Rushdie in the 21st Century.”

One of my goals at Daemen is to develop new ways students can experience the larger world while also appreciating the diverse peoples and cultural traditions that shape the greater Buffalo area. When not enjoying the many cultural delights of the Queen city, I’m usually somewhere in central Europe.

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