Information for Current Students

Application to Upper-Division Process: 

Who Needs to Apply: All History & Political Science Department majors must be accepted to Upper-Division in order to enroll in the following thesis sequence courses:

  • HST 331, Research Methods & Historiography or PSC 331, Political Science Research Methods (offered every Spring)
  • HP 442, Thesis Research (offered every Spring) 
  • HP 443, Research Process (offered every Fall. 

When to Apply: Application to Upper-Division must be submitted in the Fall Semester immediately preceding the Spring semester in which the thesis sequence will be started. Please note: you must be accepted into Upper-Division before you can register for the thesis sequence courses.  Applications will be due October 15th. Faculty review of the applications and final decisions on acceptance to Upper-Division will be made no later than November 10th (before registration for Spring semester).

Criteria for Upper-Division:  The criteria for being accepted into Upper Division are as follows:

  • Overall (cumulative) GPA of 2.0
  • GPA of 2.25 in the major
  • A writing sample from History and/or Political Science classes totaling 5 pages (i.e., you may have 1 paper that is 5 pages in length or 2 or more shorter papers, so long as the total number of pages is 5)
  • An application essay (1-2 pages) detailing career plans and post-graduation plans
  • Evidence of progress on the language requirement (completion of lower-level language courses or equivalent)
  • Evidence of progress in the foundational courses in the major as follows:

                History and History & Political Science Majors:

      • HST 105, World History I
      • HST 106, World History II
      • HST 220, American History to 1877
      • HST 221, American History 1877 to present

                Political Science Majors:

      • PSC 101, Comparative Politics
      • PSC 113, Introduction to American Politics
      • PSC 121, International Relations
      • PSC 125, Introduction to Public Policy

Questions about the application to Upper-Division may be directed to your academic advisor or the History & Political Science Department Chair. Applications should be submitted in hardcopy and electronically to Dr. Andrew Wise, Chairperson (



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