Joseph Sankoh, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science Director of African Initiatives; the Diaspora, Immigrant, and Refugee Studies Program; and the Black Studies Minor



Dr. Sankoh is a graduate of SUNY-Cortland College (BA), Farleigh Dickinson University (MAIS), and the University at Buffalo-SUNY (MA, PhD). He is the founder (and past Director) of Daemen’s Academic Service Learning program. Service learning is a major element of Daemen’s academic experience for students locally, nationally, and internationally, and is a requirement of the core curriculum. Dr. Sankoh has also taught at Niagara University, the University at Buffalo (SUNY), and Medaille College.

Dr. Sankoh’s scholarly expertise focuses on the developing world. His current research interests include global comparative political studies, academic service learning, and immigrant and refugee studies. His scholarly publications have appeared in the Oxford University Forum on Public Policy, the Third World Foundation Studies Monograph, the Journal of Intercultural Disciplines, and the National Association of African American, Hispanics, & Asian Studies Monographs, among others.

In 2014, Dr. Sankoh received the Fulbright Senior Specialist Roster award, which will allow him to undertake comparative political studies and service learning projects at various overseas colleges and universities during the next five years.  His current research area is “Comparative Global Genocide since World War II: Abuse of Political Power,” with case studies of the Jewish, Rwandan, Burmese, Sierra Leonean, and Sudan’s Darfur genocides. Read more about Dr. Sankoh’s Fulbright award HERE.

At Daemen, Dr. Sankoh teaches undergraduate and graduate courses relating to the developing world and community engagement. These include courses on the politics of globalization (PSC210), sustainability and third world development (PSC213), Sub-Saharan Africa (PSC/HST312), service learning for refugee studies (IND215), the history and politics of poverty and homelessness (IND233), problems of the Third World (HST230), and courses in community, nonprofit, and business leadership (LEAF507, LEAF511, and LEAF514).

Dr. Sankoh also holds a People to People Ambassadors certificate, Oxford University Forum on Public Policy certificate, Distinguished Political Science Honor Society Award, Daemen College Distinguished Administrator/Faculty Award, US. President’s Points of Light National Service Award, New York State Governor’s Community Service Award, NAACP certificate of Appreciation, and Kiwanis Club International Distinguished President’s Award, among others. He has served on various Ph.D. dissertation committees and has been a reviewer of various academic research publications and proposals in his area of expertise in comparative politics, international relations/global studies, and service learning. 

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