Atlantic Studies Minor

Requirements (18 credits)

Select 6 credits from the following

  • HST219 Colonial Americas (3)
  • HST237 Early Modern Europe: Renaissance to the Age of Napoleon (3)
  • HST324 Global Environmental History (3)

Select 12 credits from the following

  • ANT210 Contemporary Native America (3)
  • FRE315 French Civilization and Culture (3)
  • HST137 African American History (3)
  • HST/WST215 Introduction to Women's Studies (3)
  • HST220 American History to 1877 (3)
  • HST221 American History from 1877 to the Present (3)
  • HST230 Problems of the Third World (3)
  • HST308 Modern Latin America (3)
  • HST/WST309 Introduction to the History of American Women (3)
  • HST312 Sub-Saharan Africa (3)
  • IND212 Latino and Latin American Culture (3)
  • LIT213 Contemporary Native American Literature (3)
  • LIT320 Modern and Contemporary Literature (3)
  • LIT330 The Scottish Renaissance and Scottish National Identity (3)
  • PHI/REL211 African American Thought (3)
  • PSC210 The Politics of Globalization (3)
  • PSC213 Sustainability and Third World Development (3)
  • PSC231 Global Governance (3)
  • SPA309 Survey of Spanish American Literature (3)
  • SPA315 Spanish Civilization and Culture (3)
  • SPA316 Spanish-American Civilization & Culture (3)


*Other courses may be selected with the permission of the Atlantic Studies Director.

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