Pre-Law Studies Minor

Requirements: (18 - 19 credits)

  • PSC230 U.S. Judicial Process (3)
  • PSC305 American Constitutional Law (3)

Select one

  • CMP301 Professional Writing (3)
  • PAR301 Legal Research and Writing (3) - provided that the student has already declared the Pre Law minor.

Select 9 credits from at least two of the areas below and courses indicated

NOTE: Some of the courses have prerequisites so students should plan accordingly and consult the Search for Schedules option on WebAdvisor to view course offerings and prerequisites.

History, Political Science and Law

  • BA221 The Environment and the Law (3)
  • PHI322 Philosophy of Law (3)
  • PSC117 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)
  • PSC223 Political and Civil Rights in the U.S. (3)

Oral and Communication Skills

  • BA211 Effective Business Communications (3)
  • CA205 Oral and Visual Communication (3)
  • CA221 Human Communication (3)
  • PSC350 Political Argumentation and Debate (3)
  • PSY304 Counseling and Interviewing (3)

Social Institutions and Human Behavior

  • HSM302 Health and Administrative Law (3)
  • PSY223 Forensic Psychology (3)
  • PSY310 Social Psychology (3)
  • PSY408 The Psychology of Mental Illness (3)
  • SOC243 Child Welfare Policy & Services (3)

The Business World

  • BA210 Legal Environment of Business (3)
  • BA350 Business Law I (3)
  • BA351 Business Law II (3)
  • BA405 Legal Issues in Sport Management (3)
  • BA420 Legal Aspects of International Transactions (3)
  • ECO/FIN409 Money and Banking (3)
  • FIN325 Corporate Finance (3)

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