Specialization: Adolescent Education: Social Studies

Additional Requirements

  1. MAJOR: 21 credits

    • GEO117 World Geography (3)
    • HG333 Methods of Teaching Secondary Social Studies (3)
    • Select one

      • GVT101 Comparative Politics (3) - CC;
      • GVT121 International Relations (3) - CC
    • Select one

      • GVT113 Introduction to American Politics (3) - CR
      • GVT114 State/ Local Government (3) - CR
    • History/Government Electives: 9 credits, of which: 6 credits must be at the 300 level or above, AND at least one course must be taken from each of 3 areas: European Studies; Non-Western Studies; US Studies. Access the list of acceptable History and Government electives from the History & Government department section of the Daemen catalogue, or from the Program Plans option on the Registrars web page.
  2. EDUCATION STUDIES: 36 credits

    • EDU203 Learning Theory (3)
    • EDU237 Instructional Design: Theory and Practice (3)
    • EDU313 Foundations of Education (3)
    • EDU314 Promoting English Language Arts Across the Content Areas (3)
    • EDU327 Teaching to the Standards (3)
    • EDU336 Language/Literacy Development for the Adolescent Learner (3)
    • EDU402 Methods in Classroom Management for Secondary Education (3)
    • EDU479-480 Student Teaching and Seminar at the Early Secondary/Secondary Level (6/6)
      • It is strongly recommended that student teaching be done in the spring of the senior year to avoid conflict with the senior thesis requirement.
    • SED270 Nature & Needs of Children with Disabilities (3)
  3. CORE: 39 credits

    • PSY103 Introduction to Psychology (3) -- CC
    • PSY311 Psychology of Adolescence (3) - CT; UD; WI
    • SOC243 Child Welfare Policy & Services (3)
    • Economics: Select one: ECO201 Principles of Microeconomics (3) - CT; ECO202 Principles of Macroeconomics (3) - CT
    • Foreign Language: This teacher certification program requires successful completion of a minimum of 6 credits in one foreign language, in which the student must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language through the intermediate level. A complete description of the requirement is available in the Foreign Language section of the Daemen catalogue.
    • Core Electives: 21 credits:


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