Specialization: Environmental Studies

Additional Requirements


    • MAJOR: 9 credits

      • Electives: 9 credits, of which: 6 credits must be at the 300 level or above, AND at least one course must be taken from each of 3 areas: European History; Non-Western History; US History. Access the list of acceptable History and Government electives from the History & Government department section of the Daemen catalogue, or from the Program Plans option on the Registrars web page.
    • SPECIALIZATION: 47 credits

      • BIO109/L-110/L General Biology I & II Lecture and Lab (4/4) - CT
      • BIO302/L General Ecology Lecture and Lab (4)
      • CHE101L General Chemistry Lab (1)lecture also required and is included in the Core
      • CHE301 Organic Chemistry I Lecture (3)
      • ENS/GVT211 Environmental & Energy Policies I (3)
      • ENS/GVT212 Environmental & Energy Policies II (3)
      • ENS304/L Environmental Chemistry Lecture and Lab (4)
      • GVT113 Introduction to American Politics (3) - CR
      • GVT114 State & Local Government (3) - CR
      • Select one

        • BIO304 Conservation Biology (3) - CC; WI
        • BIO315/L General Microbiology Lecture & Lab (4)
        • any 300-level Biology course (3-4)
        • any 200 or 300 level Chemistry course (3-4)
        • NSC310 Biostatistics (3) - CT
      • Select two

        • ENS205 Planet Earth I: Physical Features (3)
        • ENS206 Planet Earth II: Geographical Features (3)
        • ENS/NSC303 Environmental Toxicology (3) CT
        • ENS309 Population Dynamics (3)
      • Select two

        • GVT115 Local Environmental Problems (3)
        • GVT217 American Political Parties & Pressure Groups (3)
        • GVT219 Politics, Planning & Land Use (3)
        • GVT411 Environmental Law (3)
  2. CORE: 39 credits

    • CHE101 General Chemistry Lecture (3)- lab is also required and is included in the specialization requirements. LECTURE ONLY = CT\
    • Economics: Select one

      • ECO201 Principles of Microeconomics (3) - CT
      • ECO202 Principles of Macroeconomics (3) - CT
      • MTH104 Survey of Statistics (3) - CT; QL
    • Foreign Language and Core Electives: 30 credits

    • Foreign Language Requirement:

      Students must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language through the intermediate level. The requirement may be satisfied through the completion of college level coursework or the successful completion of a proficiency examination. A complete description of the requirement is available in the Foreign Language section of the Daemen catalogue.


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