Student Profile: Fiona Burzynski

Fiona Burzynski

Major: Mathematics

Year in school: Sophomore

Hometown/State: Cincinnati, Ohio

High School: McAuley High School

Why did you choose Daemen, what had the biggest impact on your decision?

I really loved the small feel of the college. I came from small high school so it was very natural for me to find comfort in a small college. I loved the idea that my professors would know me on a first name basis (and yes this is true, I got to know the majority of my professors in my department within the first semester).

Why did you choose your major?

I have always had a passion for math and for numbers. There is something about it that I just enjoy and I've always wanted to help others. It came easy for me to choose education because being able to share the gift of education seemed like a good idea.

Tell me about your academic experience at Daemen?

It's rigorous but doable. Some professors and classes are more difficult than others but the professors are always willing to help. All professors have office hours where you can go see them and get help from them whenever you may need it and it makes learning a lot more enjoyable. I think staying in touch with the professors really helps you stay engaged in the class and in what the professor is looking for.

What do you think about the faculty, staff, and advisors at Daemen?

The entire faculty has really helped me along my way of growing up and becoming an adult. Faculty are not only there to help with academia but also with your life. There are those professors that will lend a helping ear when you are struggling with school or personal things.

Do you live on campus? What has been your experience?

I live on campus. I lived in Canavan Hall for my freshman year and it was one of the best experiences I could have asked for. These friends you make will be friends for life.

Have you had any internship, study abroad, or service learning experience?

I had two poster presentations for the 2011 Academic Festival. One poster was on Calculus 2 that my whole class worked on together and I did a poster for the CIEL program. Our Calculus 2 poster was about the distribution of wealth. Our study made us look at different countries around the world and look at their coefficients and their graphs to compare them with one another. My poster on CIEL, The Consortium for Innovative Environment in Learning, highlighted each of the thirteen institutions which are included in this group.  I hope to study abroad in my junior year and get a different learning environment.

What do you like best about Daemen?

I really love the faculty and the closeness of the school. With it being a small school, you become familiar with faces around campus, both students and faculty. I really like the personalized attention I receive from both my math professors and my education professors.

What are your plans after graduation?

Currently my plans after graduation are to become a math teacher in a high school setting; not sure where yet, but I know I want to teach. After that I'd like to pursue my master’s degree in math as well.

Favorite campus activities

Boobar on Halloween night was a lot of fun. My three friends and I dressed up in a theme and we just enjoyed our time up in Wick. There was music, food, and just a lot of fun. But a more often campus activity is the TGIF's on Friday in Cyber Cafe. The themes and free food are always interesting and fun to celebrate a Friday.

Favorite campus hangout

I'd say my favorite campus hangout is in the RIC. There are so many different places in the RIC to study or just lounge around. You can be in a study room with friends reviewing and talking or you can sit in a chair out by the windows or a desk along the wall in the back for a more quiet setting. The RIC just accommodates to any type of learning and it's always a nice place to hangout. There are the booths in front of the RIC that you can always catch friends talking and studying together before class.

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