Specialization: Forensic Science

Essential Courses


    • MAJOR: 51 credits:

      • Select one:
        • BCH317 Bio-Organic Chemistry (3)
        • CHE301 Organic Chemistry I (3) NOTE: CHE301 is the preferred course
        • CHE337/L Forensic Chemistry (3/1)
        • PHY125/L Forensic Physics (3/1)
      • Science Electives: 40 credits to be selected from recommended Science courses.
    • SPECIALIZATION: 12 credits:

      • FOR101 Introduction to Forensic Science (3) -- CS; WI
      • GVT117 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3) -- CC
      • PSY223 Forensic Psychology (3) -- CT
      • Select one:
        • NSC310 Biostatistics (3) -- CT
        • PSY211 Statistics for Psychology & Social Sciences (3) -- CT; QL
  2. CORE: 39 credits

    • PSY103 Introduction to Psychology (3) -- CC
    • Select one

      • CMP311 Advanced English Composition (3) -- CS; UD; WI
      • CMP315 Advanced Composition for Health Professionals (3) -- CS; UD; WI
    • Select one

      • MTH134 Pre-Calculus (3) -- CT; QL
      • MTH144 Calculus & Analytic Geometry I (3) -- CT; QL
    • Core Electives: 30 credits


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