Bachelor of Science - Natural Science - Forensic Science Specialization

Access the complete curriculum for the BS, Natural Science, Forensic Science specialization, from the Natural Sciences Department section of the Daemen catalogue.

Following is a suggested course sequence for your program. Courses may be offered as indicated and/or at other times. Consult your Advisor for further direction and planning.

Course Loads

Maximum of 17 credits allowed for 5 semesters; 2 18-credit hour semesters and 1 20-credit hour semester are allowed at no additional tuition charge. Additional course loads are allowed for students who achieve Dean's List. Consult the Dean's List section of the Daemen catalogue for details on the Dean's List privilege.

Year 1

LEARNING COMMUNITIES are generally completed in the first year (LC1 in the 1st semester; LC2 in the 2nd semester)

First Semester

  • BIO109/L General Biology I (3/1)
  • CHE 110/L Chemistry I (4/0)
  • CMP101 English Composition (3)
  • IND101 Sustainable & Critical Relationships (3)
  • Total Credits (17)

Second Semester

  • BIO110/L General Biology II (3/1)
  • CHE 111/L Chemistry II (4/0)
  • Select 1: MTH134 Pre-Calculus; MTH144 Calculus & Analytic Geometry I (3)
  • Total Credits (17)

Year 2

First Semester

  • BCH317 BioOrganic Chemistry Lecture (3) OR CHE301 Organic Chemistry I Lecture (3)*
  • PSC117 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)
  • PSY103 Introduction to Psychological Science (3)*
  • Science Electives (selected from allowed Science electives) (7-8)*
  • FOR101 Introduction to Forensic Science (3)
  • Total Credits (19-20)

Second Semester

  • NSC231 Natural Science: Scientific Language and Literacy (3)
  • PHY125/L Forensic Physics (3/1)
  • Science Electives (selected from allowed Science electives) (7-8)*
  • Total Credits (17-18)

*PSY103 is prerequisite to the other required psychology courses which are required to be taken in Year 3. CHE301 (preferred) or BCH317 are prerequisite to CHE337 Forensic Chemistry which must be taken in Year 3. Therefore, PSY103 and CHE301 or BCH317 should be taken at some point in Year 2.

Year 3

First Semester

  • Select 1: CMP311 Advanced English Composition; CMP315 Advanced Composition for Health Professionals (3)
  • PSY223 Forensic Psychology (3)
  • Science Electives (selected from allowed Science electives) (3-4)
  • Total Credits (12-13)

Second Semester

  • CHE337/L Forensic Chemistry (3/1)
  • Select 1: NSC310 Biostatistics; PSY211 Statistics for Psychology and Social Sciences (3)
  • Science Electives (selected from allowed Science electives) (7-8)
  • Total Credits (17-18)

Year 4

First Semester

Second Semester

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