Kaleigh Jessen

Kaleigh Jessen

Paralegal Studies

Kaleigh Jessen graduated in May 2013 with a B.A. in History & Government and a Certificate in Paralegal Studies. She will attend University at Buffalo Law School. 

"The best part about getting the Paralegal Certificate at Daemen is the practical experience and work I do in the classroom. In all of my paralegal classes I have been able to do legal work that a paralegal would do in the workplace. I have been able to draft complaints, answers, interrogatories, and documents in a real estate closing."

Kaleigh Jessen has always been interested in the law so when she heard about the Paralegal Studies Certificate, she made sure she could fit it into her program plan. The paralegal classes gave her an opportunity to take more classes in law. Kaleigh reports having an "amazing" experience at Daemen.

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Natural Sciences Professor Brenda Young will be attending the Fulbright Academy of Science and Technology in Panama and presenting a paper on our sustainability efforts.

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