Samantha Spicer

Samantha Spicer

Paralegal Studies

Samantha Spicer graduated in May 2013 with a B.S. in Paralegal Studies. She will attend Thomas Cooley Law School in Michigan. Samantha was a transfer student from SUNY Cortland.

According to Samantha, the best part of the Paralegal Studies program is "the professors and the practical approach the program takes. I feel prepared to go out and get a job as a paralegal if I choose to do so."

Samantha Spicer came to Daemen College as a transfer student and planned to major in Physical Therapy. She credits two of the History and Government professors, Dr. Parshall and Professor Walsh, with showing her a new world and helping her to develop and obtain her dream of going to law school.

Samantha chose to major in Paralegal Studies because she wanted a major with a practical approach that would provide her with the skills to work in a law office as well as a major that worked well with pre-law minor to prepare her for law school.

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