Global and Local Sustainability

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What Makes It Great

  • Combine discipline-specific content (science, business, policy, art, etc.) with a sustainable design mindset; select Double Ups allow you to complete two majors in four years 
  • Real world experience both locally and internationally- see the world and meet people within their own communities
  • Daemen's Center for Sustainable Communities, our international partners and US consortia partner institutions offer unique study and research opportunities

Career and Future Education Options

  • Traditional jobs-set yourself apart from other candidates with creative problem-solving skills, an interdisciplinary approach and demonstrated community experience
      • Health-Global Health Educator, Health Policy Activist, Environmental Health Specialist, Public Health Officer  
      • Science-Energy Management officer, Environmental Educator, Environmental Consultant, Environmental Scientist, Energy Auditor, Recycling Operations Manager, Conservation Biologist
      • Humanities-  Writer, Policy Analyst,  Communications Director, Climate Change Policy Specialist, Environmental/Social Lobbyist, Community Resources Coordinator, Director for Non-profit organization, Grants Officer
      • Business-Green Marketing, Human Resources Officer, Consultant, Materials Life Cycle Analyst, Managers/CEOs of Cleantech companies, Investment Manager, Environmental Economist
      • Art- Sustainable Designer, Film Maker, Graphic Designer,  Environmental Arts Director, Media Specialist
  • New “green” careers-  sustainability officer, carbon credit trader,
  • Future entrepreneurship opportunities- Green Builder, Green Product Design, Green Hospitality sector, Sustainable Agriculture
  • Graduate  and certificate programs for Green Building Technology, Environmental Law, Sustainable Business MBA, Entrepreneurship, Urban Planning, Public Health, Architecture, Holistic Medicine, Conservation Biology


Majors & Programs

Undergraduate Majors  

Double Ups

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Wow! We have students studying from Saudi Arabia at Daemen College!

Eighteen students from Saudi Arabi are participating in the Health Care Studies, Natural Science, Executive Leadership and Change, etc programs. 

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