Visual Effects (VFX) Program

The next Visual Effects (VFX) Certificate cohort starts on September 21st.
For more information: or 839-8225.

What is the VFX program?

It is a certificate training program in Visual Effects for post-production work in the film industry.

What does the certificate training entail?

Five classes, three credits per class:

  1. Rotoscoping
  2. Paint/Rig Removal
  3. Compositing
  4. Matchmoving
  5. 2D-3D Film Conversion

Each class is five weeks in length, four days per week, 3.5 hours per day.

Classes must be taken in sequence.

When does the next sequence begin and what are the dates/times for each class?

The next cohort begins on September 21st with the following schedule:

VFX115 Rotoscoping

VFX230 Paint & Rig Removal

VFX220 Compositing

VFX110 Matchmoving

VFX225 Stereoscopic Conversion

Please complete the VFX application and return to our Admissions Department. Admissions can be reached directly at 839-8225.

What are the pre-requisites to apply?

Equivalent of a two year (Associate’s degree) with proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

What is the cost?

$1050 per class, $5250 for the complete certificate.

Is there financial assistance available?

This program is not eligible for financial aid due to the short length of the program. Some students have sought private student loans, which have competitive funding - such as credit unions..

What opportunities are available once I complete the certificate?

Successful completion of this certificate will translate immediately into a job opportunity with Empire Visual Effects. They'll be hiring 150 positions for their Buffalo studio over the next three years.

Please see the following link for more information on Daemen’s involvement with New York State’s incentives for film and television:

How do I apply?

Please complete the VFX application and return to our Admissions Department.  Admissions can be reached directly at 839-8225.

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