Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation

The International Center for Excellence in Animation at Daemen College offers students with a committed interest in the art of animation the means to become fully versed in the process of traditionally narrative animated filmmaking. A Bachelors degree will benefit students whose interests lie in obtaining a job in the field of animation in one of the many positions available in a feature film pipeline,including: Character Design, Story Development, Art Direction, CG Technical Directors, and Character Animators. Students are educated in all aspects of production and become well-rounded filmmakers.

Program Objectives

A unique feature of our program is its dual focus on traditional drawn animation and the latest in computer graphics animation, with a heavy emphasis on strong narrative storytelling stemming from the students unique personal perspective.The program is structured to meet the demands of a modern animation studio. All of the software and curriculum is aligned with current production techniques.

  • Learn how to craft an animated film from start to finish
  • Become proficient in both traditional animation and CG animation
  • Learn the craft of character design
  • Learn the art of the story artist
  • Learn editing and soundskills
  • Learn the latest in modeling and rigging in the CG environment

The Faculty

In addition to the faculty of the Visual and Performing Arts, the faculty of the animation program represents the best the international animation community has to offer.The accomplishments of the faculty include successful careers in feature animated films, major box office visual effects films, the most commercially successful video games and nationally recognizable commercial work.

The Facilities

The International Center for Excellence in Animation (ICEA) is housed at the Tri Main Center - Suite 530, 2495 Main Street in Buffalo. Occupying 17,000 square feet, the Center is equipped with four studios, one editing room, a color correction room, a beautiful student lounge,  a 78 seat screening room with 5.1 surround sound and 3-D projection capabilities, and a professional green screen shooting stage. The ICEA is the site for both the BFA in Animation and the Visual Effects (VFX) Certificate program.

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Daemen Professors & Students from several departments work at a public clinic to provide free medical care in Progreso Dos in the Dominican Republic during the semester break.

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