Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

Core Curriculum

All degree programs require completion of the Core Curriculum. A complete description of the core and its requirements is available in the Core Curriculum section of the Daemen catalogue. Courses which satisfy a portion or complete a core requirement will have such designation indicated after the course title.

  1. MAJOR: 78 credits

    • ART103 Foundation Design I (3)
    • ART104 Foundation Design II (3)
    • ART105 Foundation Drawing I (3)
    • ART106 Foundation Drawing II (3)
    • ART204 Figure Drawing I (3)
    • ART219 Graphic Design I (3)
    • ART230 Computer Rendering (3)
    • ART285 History of Art: Renaissance-Modern (3) --AA;WI
    • ART287 History of Design (3)
    • ART301 Publication Design and the Computer (3)
    • ART319 Graphic Design II (3)
    • ART320 Graphic Design III (3)
    • ART331 Art Reading List (3)
    • Select one:

      • ART334 Digital Photography (3)
      • ART455 Photography (3)
    • ART345 Advanced Drawing I (3)
    • ART348 Seminar and Practice in Graphic Design (3)
    • ART420 Graphic Design IV (3)
    • ART435 Advanced Typography (3)
    • ART439 Serigraphy (3)
    • ART443 Issues & Methodologies in Contemporary Art (2) -- ILIT; WI. NOTE: IN COMBINATION WITH ART498=RP
    • ART445 Special Projects (3)
    • ART446 History of Contemporary Art: 1940 - Present (3) 
    • ART490 Senior Project (3)
    • Art Studio Electives: 9 credits
    • ART498 Senior Art Exhibit (1) -- NOTE: IN COMBINATION WITH ART443=RP
  2. CORE: 45 credits

    • CMP101 English Composition (3) - CS; ILIT; WI
    • IND101 Sustainable & Critical Relationships (3)
    • Core Electives: 39 credits



Requirements for Animation; Art; Arts Administration Programs: Admission, Admission to Upper Division, Graduation - consult the Visual & Performing Arts Department section of the catalogue or the Program Plans option on the Registrar's web page.

Suggested Course Sequence

Access the suggested course sequence for the BFA, Graphic Design, from the Visual & Performnig Arts web page or from the Program Plans site on the Registrar's web page.

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