Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BS Program)


    • Natural Science: 14 credits:

      • BIO207/L Anatomy and Physiology I (3/1)
      • BIO208/L Anatomy and Physiology II (3/1)
      • BIO310/L Microbiology (2/1)
      • BIO407 Pathophysiology (3)
    • Nursing: Lower Division Studies: 30 credits

      • NUR LDV Nursing Lower Division Studies (30)
    • Nursing: Upper Division Studies: 30 credits

      • NUR305 Health Assessment (3)
      • NUR315 Concepts of Professional Nursing Practice (3)
      • NUR316 Holistic Perspectives (3)
      • NUR317/L Professional Nursing Practice I (6/0)
      • NUR417/L Professional Nursing Practice II (6/0)
      • NUR432 Professional Issues (3) - NOTE: IN COMBINATION WITH NUR453/L = RP
      • NUR453/L Professional Nursing Practice III (6/0) - ILIT; WI - NOTE: IN COMBINATION WITH NUR432 = Research and Presentation Competency (RP)
  2. CORE Electives and Requirements: 45 credits: No courses in Nursing are allowed.

    NOTE: Students entering the upper division BS, Nursing program are required to complete the Research and Presentation requirement of the core by successful completion of NUR432 and 453. While students in this program are not required to complete studies in each competency and core requirement, it is strongly recommended that students complete any elective credits taken at Daemen in courses which: have a competency AND that students select courses in as many of the competencies and other course requirements as possible, thereby enhancing their educational experience at Daemen. A complete description of the competencies and other course requirements is available in the Core Curriculum section of the Daemen catalogue. Courses which satisfy a competency/ies and/or other core requirement will have such designation indicated after the course title.
    • Requirements:

      • CMP101 English Composition (3) - CS; ILIT; WI
      • MTH104 Survey of Statistics (3) - CT; QL
      • CHE101 General Chemistry (3) - CT
        NOTE: For students who provide an official high school transcript indicating successful completion of Chemistry, CHE101 will be waived; consequently, such students will be required to take 3 additional credits in core electives.
    • Core Electives: 36

  3. FREE ELECTIVES: 1 credit:

    Courses offered in the major are not allowed. Courses used to fulfill the free electives may but are not required to have a competency.



Requirements for Admission:

  1. Successful completion of an Associate Degree in Nursing or a Diploma Nursing Program at a National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission accredited and state approved institution.
  2. Official transcripts from all colleges attended on record at Daemen College
  3. Verification of nursing license or graduate permit to practice as a registered nurse
  4. Completion of at least 60 credit hours of liberal arts and sciences (includes lower division nursing credits earned through transfer)
  5. Availability of a car for community experiences


Requirements for Graduation

  1. A minimum grade of C in all upper division Nursing courses 
  2. An overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.00
  3. Apply for degree: 
    All degree students are required to file an Application for Degree form with the Registrar’s Office at the onset of the final term of study.  The Application for Degree form is accessible from the Registrar’s web page.

Course Sequence

Access the course sequences for the RN to BS in Nursing, from the Nursing Department web page or the Program Plans site on the Registrar's web page.

Insurance Requirements

When a student enrolls in NUR 417 and 453, a mandatory fee of $50.00 is imposed to cover malpractice insurance during the external learning experiences. This is required by the College regardless of whether the student has additional malpractice insurance of his or her own.

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