Accounting/Information Systems Undergraduate Programs

Degrees Offered

The B.S. Accounting/M.S. Professional Accountancy is a 150-hour program registered with the New York Board of Accountancy to meet the educational requirements for the CPA exam in New York State.


Course Sequence


Mission Statement 

Consistent with the mission of Daemen College, the Accounting Degree philosophy embodies the ideals of elevating human dignity and fostering civic responsibility in a global perspective. Central to this will be the strong relationship between the department faculty and its students. The curriculum integrates the intellectual qualities acquired through study of the liberal arts with the education necessary for professional accomplishment.

The accounting degree is a professional degree registered with the New York State Board of Accountancy. As a result its professional component is guided by attention to the AICPA Core Competency Framework. The core competencies are categorized as functional (technical competencies most closely aligned with the value contributed by the accounting professional), personal (individual attributes and values) and broad business perspective (relating to understanding of internal and external business contexts) competencies. It is a skills-based curriculum rather than knowledge-based because the body of knowledge and the accounting profession are changing so rapidly. Although knowledge requirements will change with time, the competencies will have long-term value and will support a variety of career opportunities for the future accountant.

The curriculum also encourages close relationships with the professional community through a series of action learning internship positions. In addition to supplementing classroom knowledge, these internships also build the student’s resume and prepare the student to assume a professional position upon graduation. The graduates of this program will be contributing, well-rounded professionals of the global community

Outcome Objectives of Accounting/Information Systems Department

Upon completion of the Accounting Program, the graduate will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate content knowledge of core business concepts, as well as specialized knowledge appropriate to the accounting profession, and the ability to integrate this knowledge to produce, analyze and apply financial information for decision-making.
  2. Use decision-making skills to assess risk, solve problems, and complete projects in an efficient and timely manner.
  3. Obtain the necessary skills to use technology tools effectively to both develop and apply other competencies.
  4. Organize and effectively communicate information in a meaningful manner.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance and implications of objectivity, integrity, and ethical behavior that is consistent with the standards of the discipline of accounting, as well as the norms of the environment in which they interact.
  6. Demonstrate effective research and writing skills necessary to access, understand, apply and communicate relevant accounting information.
  7. Contribute to the accounting profession through action learning internships and professional involvement.
  8. Provide leadership and be able to work within diverse and cross-functional teams in order to be successful in an ever-changing global marketplace.

The Herbert B. Eckert Endowed Award Fund

The award is made to a senior level accounting major who has been accepted into the 150 hour professional accountancy program at Daemen College. Recipients are expected to be in good academic standing, to progress through the program on a full-time basis, and to exemplify ethical standards. An essay addressing why ethical behavior is good business is required of applicants. Further details may be obtained from the Accounting/MIS Department Chair.

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