Athletic Training Program Applicant Materials for BS/MS students

Athletic Training Program Applicant Instructions for BS/MS students

All BS/MS students applying for admission to the Athletic Training Program must submit the following documents to:

Dr. Nicole Chimera, Daemen College,  Director of the Athletic Training Program,  Mail Box 137, 4380 Main St, Amherst NY 14226 by February 15.            

  1. A completed  application form which is available on the Athletic Training website. Note: ALL overall and prerequisite GPAs will be updated by registrar and reported to the Athletic Training Program at the conclusion of the spring semester. Please indicate current overall GPA if known.      
  2.  Daemen AT Student Observation Record Form verifying that the Athletic Training student has obtained 50 hours of Athletic Training exposure under the supervision of a BOC Certified Athletic Trainer, 15 of these hours in the Daemen College Athletic Training Room. 
  3. Completed  two character reference forms. One must be completed by a certified athletic trainer.                        
  4. A biographical sketch (brief narrative describing your goal/philosophy related to personal, academic, professional development, interest in athletic training, and/or relative background in another allied health profession).
  5. Signed Technical Standards Verification Form.
  6. Copy of CPR/AED and First Aid cards.

All forms are provided through the links below.


The Athletic Training Program faculty encourages students needing assistance to seek help from their assigned Academic Advisor or Athletic Training Program faculty at Daemen College.

Once an application has been reviewed by the Athletic Training Program admission committee, selected students will be invited for an interview.  Students will be notified via email or letter with an invitation for an interview. Interviews typically take place the beginning of March.

Acceptance letters will typically be mailed the first week of April.  

Upon admission to the Athletic Training Program, students will attend a mandatory orientation prior to the start of or during summer courses which will include the following:

  •  Students will receive an introduction to the Athletic Training Program faculty,
  •  Portions of the Athletic Training Program student handbook will be reviewed, and
  •  Information will be conveyed regarding:
    • Athletic Training Program Mission, Goals, and Expected Program Outcomes
    •  Expectations of the Athletic Training Program
    •  Academic Standards and Policies
    •  Professional Standards and Expectations
    •  Comprehensive Examination
    •  Clinical Education Experience including; Assignment, Physical Examination, Immunizations, Health Insurance
    •  Athletic Training Student Association
    •  Malpractice/Professional Liability Insurance
    •  Departmental Communication

Athletic Training Application Forms

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