The Teacher Education Program at Daemen College has been granted accreditation for 7 years by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council, May 3, 2013 - May 3, 2020.

DCTPP makes the following claims in relation to its graduates:

Primary Claims

Primary Claims are the focus of our teacher preparation program.  They include the skills and knowledge bases identified in TEAC’s Quality Principle 1 and are represented by the following assertions:

1a.        Content knowledge:  Teacher candidates are competent in the subject matter that they will teach and are knowledgeable about liberal arts and science content.

1b.        Pedagogical knowledge:  Teacher candidates are able to plan for, implement, and evaluate student learning and behavior in diverse educational settings.

Integrating Claims

In addition to the skills and knowledge bases outlined in our Primary Claims, teacher candidates are expected to demonstrate an ability to use the following educational tools and resources to enhance learning

2a.        Educational Technology: Teacher candidates are able to access and use instructional technology to enhance student learning.

2b.        Learner Differences:  Teacher candidates possess knowledge regarding student diversity, and are able to adapt instruction to meet the needs of all students.

2c.        Professional Growth and Reflective Practice: Teacher candidates update their content and pedagogical knowledge on an on-going basis and monitor and adapt their instruction.

Supporting Claims

Supporting claims aid in the preparation of competent teachers by providing information about students’ commitment to student learning, qualifications for certification, and general education background.  Faculty and staff use this information to make decisions about program admissions and to recommend program completers for New York State certification.

3a.        Committed and Caring: Teacher candidates are committed to the equitable achievement of all students.

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Wow! Did you know that Daemen has been recognized by the President of the United States?

Daemen College has been named to the 2008 Presidents Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll with Distinction – recognized as a national leader for its service learning programs.

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