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Masters in Special Education

Alternative Certification Programs in Special Education - Brooklyn, NY

Weekend Masters Program

Due to new State and Federal education requirements, Daemen College has decided not to recruit and/or enroll new students for the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 semesters into the Weekend Masters Program. More information regarding the status of these program options will be posted during the Fall 2014 semester.

Initial/Professional Graduate Programs

These programs are for individuals seeking certification from the State of New York who do not possess a teaching credential. The student must possess a bachelor’s degree, from an accredited college or university, in an acceptable liberal arts concentration and demonstrate a major area of study. Once the master’s program is completed, the student will apply to New York State for initial certification and complete all necessary New York State Education Department requirements for initial certification.  For information about certification requirements, please visit:

Professional Graduate Programs

These programs are for individuals seeking Professional Certification from the State of New York. The individual must already possess a teaching certificate in a content or specialization area in order to obtain Professional Certification. The candidate must provide the College with a copy of his/her teaching certificate along with the other required documentation as part of the admission application. Candidates for certification must also complete the appropriate CST.


In addition to satisfying the general criteria for graduate admission to Daemen College, applicants must:

  1. Possess a cumulative undergraduate grade point average of 3.00 or above (on a 4.00 scale).
  2. Submit a letter of application stating the candidate’s reasons for seeking a Master’s degree in Education, and experience relevant to the field of study/degree program.
  3. Submit two letters of recommendation, preferably including one professional reference and one character reference.
  4. Applicants to professional programs should also provide proof of graduation from an initial certification program in Education, and provide proof of initial certificate or certificate of qualification licensure from the New York State Education Department or similar documentation from other states awarding the license.
  5. Include a copy of a current resume.

Applicants with GPAs below 3.00 may be admitted on a conditional basis if they submit evidence of the potential to be successful in graduate studies. Additional evidence may include letters of recommendation and a personal interview with graduate program faculty.

Candidates who are admitted conditionally are required to take and pass the New York State Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (LAST) within their first semester. In addition, candidates admitted conditionally who do not earn a satisfactory (3.0) average in their first nine credit hours of study will be subject to dismissal from the graduate program.


The philosophy of the Education Department at Daemen College is to promote facultyand teacher candidate commitment to an established paradigm for life-long learning. The Education Department’s learning community is committed to the mastery of all appropriate standards.[1]

We believe that an active discourse regarding the general education core in the liberal arts and sciences, the content core and the pedagogical core can be utilized to instill knowledge and professionally prepare teacher candidates. This discourse also fosters community understanding regarding equity and the needs of diverse and exceptional students. We further believe that practical opportunities to apply the learning community’s knowledge and understanding must be provided to all community members. Reflection within the learning community upon the results of assessment, in turn, inspires personal and collective growth. Our learning community exists within the Daemen College learning community and its wider constituencies, where resources, technology, support services, information, and due process rights empower both faculty and candidate.[2]

1 The faculty has adopted the Standards for Teacher Educators and has committed to an adapted version of the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC) standards, the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, and the National Education Technology Standards, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Standards, the standards for the division for Early Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children, and the USNY Early Elementary Resource Guide to Integrated Learning Standards as guiding standards for the Education Department of Daemen College in an effort to prepare teacher candidates to teach to the NYS learning standards.

2 The above philosophy is derived in part from Section 4-2.5 Standards for Regents Accreditation of Teacher Education programs/Standards of quality.


The Mission of the Education Department is to ensure that our graduates participate in active discourse and practica opportunities, thereby enhancing personal and professional growth. These opportunities enable our graduates to possess the following: knowledge, understanding and skills in the liberal arts and sciences; content core knowledge; pedagogical core knowledge; understanding regarding equity, diversity and exceptionality; and professional skills necessary for reflective practice. We believe that we graduate community minded, life long learners/teachers who, like all Daemen graduates, are prepared for life and leadership in an increasingly complex and interdependent world.

Comprehensive Examination or Research Requirement

Candidates admitted to all graduate programs are required to take a comprehensive exam at the end of their program of study or complete a Research Project in Education only with faculty advisement. Comprehensive examination questions will be based on core courses taken by candidates in each of the graduate programs.

Graduate research is carried out during the course AE/CE/ECSE/SED 699 Research Project. This is not a required course. Based on personal career goals and with faculty advisement, certain teacher candidates will complete a thesis in partial fulfillment of degree requirements, in lieu of the Comprehensive Exam. The thesis is prepared under the direction of the major department and should demonstrate capacity for independent research and scholarly writing. The thesis must receive the approval of the Department Graduate Committee and must comply with Human Subjects Research Review Committee guidelines, if applicable. A candidate for the oral presentation and defense of thesis must:  

  1. be an admitted degree candidate;
  2. be finished with all major area course requirements by the end of the semester in which the Research Project course is taken;
  3. be able to provide the examining committee with copies of the completed thesis a minimum of two weeks prior to the oral presentation;
  4. have a graduate grade point average of 3.00 or higher.

Early in the graduate program, candidates who wish to pursue the completion of a thesis, and after consulting with the faculty advisor, should begin to formulate a plan for their research project. After familiarizing him/herself with the research interests of the faculty, the candidate, with guidance from his/ her advisor, will choose a two-person research committee consisting of:

  1. a primary member who must be a full-time or part-time faculty member with research experience or expertise in the area of study;
  2. a secondary member who may be either a full- or part-time faculty member or an adjunct graduate faculty member.

The candidate will design and execute a research project with guidance from his or her committee. The detailed process for completion of research is laid out in the course syllabus. The candidate will prepare a research manuscript in a format suitable for submission for publication. The candidate will also present his/her research orally within the College or professional community. Such presentation requires the presence of at least one member of the research committee. Any proposed investigation involving human subjects must be reviewed and approved by Daemen College's Human Subjects Research Review Committee. The HSRRC Guidelines are published on the Daemen College website at

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