Shannon Weber, Masters in Special Education: Childhood Education (1-6) Professional program, May



I chose the Thomas Reynolds Center at Daemen College for my Masters Degree because I loved the idea of gaining more experience in an actual teaching environment while completing my degree in just one full year. I also liked the opportunities for professional development through the Thomas Reynolds Center, which is something that is extremely important to stay up-to-date within the education field.

I would definitely recommend the Thomas Reynolds Center program to others because I truly believe that the program has prepared me to adapt to a wide variety of teaching situations. Even though I had opportunities to grow throughout my undergraduate studies, the Thomas Reynolds Center provided me with experiences that I feel would not be the same in any other program.

The best part of the Thomas Reynolds Center is the amount of support the staff provided me throughout the program. Even though it seemed overwhelming before the program began, I would not have traded it for any other experience because everyone who is a part of the program is willing to help in any way possible. Also, being able to work with other Graduate Assistants within the Thomas Reynolds Center, as well as having classes with the same people, brought a sense of comfort with the experience.

The Thomas Reynolds Center program is an excellent program that provides professional development in a welcoming environment. Without the program, I feel that I would not be as prepared as I am today to be a well-versed educator!


Kristin Duggan, Masters in Special Education: Childhood Education (1-6) Professional program, May 2012

I chose the Thomas Reynolds Center because I was excited that we would be given the opportunity to work with students, create our own lesson plans, work with teachers, co teach with another Graduate Assistant and work directly in the school system to provide ELA and Math remediation.

I would highly recommend this The Thomas Reynolds Center to any student who wants to be a Special Education Teacher. This program has given me the resources to teach students and has provided me with several strategies that I will be able to incorporate and use in my own classroom. Through working directly in the classroom with the teachers, I was able to gain further experience and develop co-teaching skills that will enhance my individual teaching style. This program had provided me with an opportunity to be in the classroom and work to support and strengthen students learning skills.  I was able to change students' attitude about school and especially learning. By the end of the program I had worked with professionals (Teachers, Dean of Students, Special Education Teachers and Administration) to directly support the needs of my students. I was able to create and follow a behavior plan with my co teacher that would benefit and enhance the students' experiences in school.

The best part of the Thomas Reynolds Center was having the ability to make a difference in several student's outlooks on school and learning. Specifically through working with the teachers, administrators and support staff I was able to learn beneficial strategies in which I can use in the classroom to support my future students. I truly felt that I made the right decision in selecting the Thomas Reynolds Center. I feel that with my decision, I have made not only lifelong friends but changed and impacted the lives of all the students I have worked with. I have made many connections with the teachers and created an enriched learning environment for my students.

Thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime. I will always remember the memories and cherish the time I have had in my graduate studies at Daemen. I feel more prepared for my future experiences as a teacher in which I will be a lifelong learner.

Bridgette Burke, Masters in Special Education: Childhood Education (1-6) Professional program, May 2012

I chose to complete my Masters Degree at the Thomas Reynolds Center at Daemen College because I knew I would gain great experience that no other Masters program could offer. Many school districts look to hire candidates who have experience and I knew that my experience in the Thomas Reynolds Center would make me stand out from other candidates interviewing for the same position.

Without hesitation I would recommend the Thomas Reynolds Center program to others contemplating on where to complete their Masters Degree.  I believe that no other Masters program in the area will give you the hands on experience in the special education field. Also, while you are taking classes in the Masters program I found that I was able to use what I learned in my classes that I could put to practical use in my classroom during the after school program. 

The best part of the Thomas Reynolds Center after school program was watching my students grow. I was able to see dramatic  improvements not only in their academics, but also their behaviors, attitudes toward school, and their social development. The time my students and I spent together created relationships that are very memorable and that I will carry with me into my future teaching career.