Master of Science in Special Education: Childhood Education (1-6) Initial/Professional Certification

30-33 credit hours in required core courses plus twelve credit hours in specialization. In addition, prerequisite course work may be required of candidates whose undergraduate degree is not in Education.

Core Courses

SED  502  Special Education: Laws and Trends (3)
SED  503  Assessment and Evaluation of Students with Disabilities (3)
SED  504  The Reading Process for Students with Disabilities (3)
SED  505  Classroom and Behavior Management for Students with Disabilities (3)
SED  506  Instructional Methods and Strategies for Learners with Special Needs (3)
SED  512  Collaborative Approaches within Inclusive Programs (3)
SED  513  Survey of Learning Disabilities (3)
SED  535  Reading Diagnosis and Instruction (3)
SED  540  Survey of Emotional and Behavior Disorders (3)
SED  559  Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders (3)
SED  570  Special Education Student Teaching and Seminar for Children with Disabilities (3)
SED  580 Special Education Student Teaching & Seminar at the Intermediate Level for Children with Disabilities (3)
SED  600  Research Methods in Special Education (3)
SED  610  Seminar in Special Education/Action Research (3)
Comprehensive Exam (NC)
SED  699  Research Project in Special Education (3)

Prerequisite Course Work

(If required, and authorized by faculty advisor and Graduate Program Director.)

SED  500  Educational Psychology (3)
SED  501  Introduction to Special Education (3)


In addition to satisfying the general criteria for graduate admission to Daemen College, applicants must:

  1. Possess a cumulative undergraduate grade point average of 3.00 or above (on a 4.00 scale).
  2. Submit a letter of application stating the candidate’s reasons for seeking a Master’s degree in Education, and experience relevant to the field of study/degree program.
  3. Submit two letters of recommendation, preferably including one professional reference and one character reference.
  4. Applicants to professional programs should also provide proof of graduation from an initial certification program in Education, and provide proof of initial certificate or certificate of qualification licensure from the New York State Education Department or similar documentation from other states awarding the license.
  5. Include a copy of a current resume.

Applicants with GPAs below 3.00 may be admitted on a conditional basis if they submit evidence of the potential to be successful in graduate studies. Additional evidence may require letters of recommendation and a personal interview with graduate program faculty.

Candidates who are admitted conditionally are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA within their first semester.  Those that fail to comply with this requirement will have their academic status reviewed by the Graduate Committee of Academic Standards. 

Graduation Requirements

Degree candidates for the Master of Science in Education must complete all courses in their Plan of Study and other degree requirements with a minimum GPA of 3.00.

Plan of Study

At the end of the first year of study, each candidate is required to meet with his/her advisor to develop a Plan of Study to achieve his/her educational goals.

Those graduate candidates seeking initial/professional or professional certification from the State of New York must design a plan of study that includes the following course work:

  • Core requirements
  • Practicum in Education
  • Comprehensive Exam or Research Project

Time Limitations

All requirements for the Master of Science degree must be completed within a period of five years from the student's enrollment for graduate study. For information on leaves of absence and extensions, consult the Academic Regulations and Standards section of this Bulletin. (NOTE: Applying for a leave or an extension from Daemen College does not preclude candidates from applying to the New York State Education Department for an extension of their initial certification. The New York State Education Department stipulates that from the date of their initial certification, individuals have five years to complete their professional certification, which includes the completion of a Master's degree.)

Degree Requirements

Candidates will complete 30-45 credit hours of graduate course work, including core courses and required specialization courses, if any. The program may be undertaken on a full-time or part-time basis.

In addition, 100 hours of field experience are required prior to student teaching. Candidates in all programs will have two student teaching placements.

Initial/Professional Graduate Programs

These programs are for individuals seeking certification from the State of New York who do not possess a teaching credential. The candidate must possess a bachelor's degree, from an accredited college or university, in an acceptable liberal arts concentration and demonstrate a major area of study.  New York State Education Department has multiple requirements for initial certification.  Please see the following New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE) website:

Professional Graduate Programs

These programs are for individuals seeking Professional certification from the state of New York. The individual must already possess a teaching certificate in a content or specialization area in order to obtain Professional certification in the same content or specialization area. The candidate must provide the college with a copy of his/her teaching certificate along with the other required documentation as part of the admission application. 

Capstone Project

Candidates admitted to the graduate programs will be required to complete a capstone project at the end of their program of study which may include a Comprehensive Exam, a Research Project, or the successful submission of the edTPA.  

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