Bachelor of Science- Early Childhood Education/Special Education: Early Childhood Education

Initial Certification: Early Childhood Education (Birth-Grade 2); Special Education: Early Childhood Education (Birth-Grade 2)

Access the complete curriculum for the BS, Early Childhood Education/Special Education, from the Education Department section of the Daemen catalogue.

Following is a suggested course sequence for your program. Courses may be offered as indicated and/or at other times. Consult your Advisor for further direction and planning.

Course Loads

Maximum of 17 credits allowed for 4 semesters; one 18-credit hour semester, 2 19-credit hour semesters, and one 21-credit hour semester are allowed at no additional tuition charge. Additional course loads are allowed for students who achieve Dean's List. Consult the Dean's List section of the Daemen catalogue for details on the Dean's List privilege.

Year 1

LEARNING COMMUNITIES are generally completed in the first year (LC1 in the 1st semester; LC2 in the 2nd semester)

First Semester

  • CMP101 English Composition (3)
  • EDU103 Arts, Movement & Music for the Young Child (3)
  • EDU203 Learning Theory ** (3)
  • IND101 Sustainable & Critical Relationships (3)
  • Total Credits (15)

Second Semester

  • EDU237 Instructional Design: Theory & Practice** (3)*
  • SED270 Introduction to the Nature and Educational Needs of Children with Disabilities** (3)
  • SOC224 Ethnicity, Race & Cultural Diversity (3)
  • Total Credits (15)

** C or better in these courses is required to continue; candidates are dismissed from program after two unsuccessful attempts of EDU237

Year 2

First Semester

  • ECSE279 Typical & Atypical Child Development and Intervention Strategies I (3)
  • EDU217 Facilitating Reading Literacy for Regular & Special Needs Learners at the Primary Level** (4)
  • PSY103 Introduction to Psychology (3)
  • Foreign Language (3)
  • Mathematics Elective (see below)* (3)
  • AREA STUDY (Social Studies only) (3)
  • Total Credits (16-19)

Second Semester

  • ECSE222 Infant Development & Intervention with Assistive Technology (3)
  • ECSE280 Typical & Atypical Child Development & Intervention Strategies II** (3)
  • EDU303 Childrens Literature (3)
  • Foreign Language (3)
  • Science Elective*** (3)
  • Total Credits (18)

*Math Elective: Math Area Study: Choose MTH124 College Algebra or MTH134 PreCalculus or MTH144 Calculus & Analytic Geometry. Non-Math Area Study: recommended MTH111 Mathematics for the Elementary School Teacher CT; QL

** C or better in these courses is required to continue; candidates are dismissed from program after two unsuccessful attempts of EDU237

*** Science elective: Select from biochemistry, biology, chemistry, environmental science, geology, natural science, physics

Year 3 - Upper Division Approval Required To Continue Onto Year 3

First Semester

  • EDU321 Foundations in Early Childhood Education (3)
  • EDU326 Planning & Managing the Teaching and Learning Environment with Assistive Technology (3)
  • Total Credits (21)

Second Semester

  • ECSE324 Transdisciplinary Intervention & Family Involvement (3)
  • EDU320 Elementary Education Methods: Mathematics, Science & Technology (4)
  • SED371 Classroom Management Techniques for Individuals with Disabilities (3)
  • Total Credits (19)

Year 4

First Semester

  • ECSE325 Early Child Assessment Methods for Mild/Moderate Disabilities (3)
  • PHI232 Learning Through Service (3)
  • CORE ELECTIVES/AREA STUDY (6-9 credits, depending upon Area Study selected:  English =9; Foreign Language=9; Math=9; Science=10; Social Studies=12)
  • Total Credits (12-15)

Second Semester

  • EDU327 Teaching to the Standards (3)
  • EDU471 Student Teaching & Seminar at Preschool & Primary Level (Birth-PreK) OR EDU472 Student Teaching & Seminar at the Preschool & Primary Level (PreK-Grade 2) (6)
  • ECSE473 Student Teaching & Seminar at the Preschool  Level for Students wtih Disabilities (B-PreK) OR ECSE474 Student Teaching & Seminar at the Preschool Level for Students with Disabilities (PreK-Grade 2) (6)
  • Total Credits (15)


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