Master of Science – Executive Leadership And Change

Mission Statement

The Philosophy of the Executive Leadership and Change Master of Science Program: Effective leaders have an accurate sense of themselves. They model, teach, and advocate the values of authenticity, mindfulness,empowerment, creative and critical thinking. To promote collaboration, trust and community building, they take advantage of diversity of style, experience and culture. Executive leaders understand and facilitate change to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex, fast-paced, global society. Leaders need the skills to create and communicate a positive view of the future, which is in harmony with the values of their organization and the larger community. The role of the leader is to inspire and facilitate this transition to the desired future state.

In keeping with Daemen College's belief that leadership is fundamentally service, the leader's role is defined to include a sense of civic responsibility and ethical decision making. The contemplative, interdisciplinary curriculum provides participatory interactive experiences and opportunities for practice and reflection as the primary methods for exploring leadership and change.

The Executive Leadership and Change program characterizes leadership as an ongoing learning process, thus building capacity in the leader, their organizations and in the other team members involved in leading positive change.

Program Objectives: Students will

  • Apply classic and contemporary leadership models and theories as they analyze and shape personal leadership style of the student (develop personal Mission – Vision, Strategic Goals and Learning Objectives).
  • Change behavior through self-knowledge, cultural sensitivity, team dynamics and systems thinking.
  • Reflect on their experience when applying new knowledge, skills and approaches.
  • Develop skills for effective leadership guided by ethical values.
  • Nurture creative and critical thinking skills necessary to effect personal and organizational change.
  • Integrate the advantages of a liberal learning philosophy into a framework of leadership skills and organizational capacity building behaviors.
  • Acknowledge and fulfill their roles as leaders of change personally, organizationally and in the community with specializations in Business, Health Professions, Not for Profit or Higher Education contexts.

Admission Requirements

  1. Complete online application.
  2. Provide a written statement from the applicant which describes the applicant's own interest in the Executive Leadership and Change degree and assesses the applicant's strengths as a leader and describes what the applicant hopes to gain from a graduate degree.
  3. Provide a resume of professional experience.
  4. Provide two letters of recommendation from an employer, professional colleague, or major professor which evaluate the applicant's leadership potential and capacity to complete a graduate degree.
  5. Submit official transcript(s) from all accredited colleges or universities attended indicating the award of an undergraduate degree (international applicants must submit foreign transcripts in the original language and an English copy).
  6. Complete Health form.
  7. Submit an official TOEFL score by each international applicant who has graduated from a foreign college or university and whose native language is not English.
  8. Complete personal interview with program director.

Required Courses

  • LEAF500 Organizational Leadership and Self Development (3)
  • LEAF501 Critical Thinking, Problem Solving & Decision Making: Methods of Organizational Research (3)
  • LEAF502 Leadership and Organizational Ethics, Values, and Social Environment (3)
  • LEAF513 Developing Leadership Skills: One-on-One Leadership, Conflict Management, and Team Building (3)
  • LEAF514 Leadership and Community:Empowerment, Collaboration and Dialogue (3)
  • LEAF515 The Business of Leadership: Financial, Organizational, and Cultural (3)
  • Specialty Track Studies: Students complete 3 credits in their specialty track.  Course options are:
    • LEAF525 Leadership in Higher Education (3)
    • LEAF526 Leadership in Business (3)
    • LEAF527 Leadership in Non-Profit Organizations (3)
    • LEAF528 Leadership in Health Care Organizations (3)
  • LEAF529 Transformational Leadership and Organizational Change (3)
  • LEAF530 Modeling, Branding and Marketing Your Leadership (3)
  • LEAF540 Research Project/Thesis in Executive Leadership and Change I (3)
  • LEAF541Research Project/Thesis in Executive Leadership and Change II (3)
  • LEAF560 Capstone Course in Leadership (3)



Specialty Track

Executive Leadership and Change students customize their research project/thesis and complete the specialization leadership  course in one of four specialty tracks: Business; Health Professions; Higher Education; Not-for-Profit Organizations.

Program Structure and Time Limitation

Students in the program enter and finish as a cohort, maintaining continuous registration in sequenced courses. The ordinary time limitation for completion of the program is accordingly, from the time of first enrollment, three years. Compliance with the time limitation will be monitored by the Program Director. While this model offers an optimal learning experience, exceptions may be made for people who must temporarily leave the program. Such students must discuss their situation with the Program Director and file a formal Leave of Absence. The precise timing of the student's return from leave will be subject to the sequence availability within an appropriate cohort for the student's program re-entry. In cases where lack of an appropriate cohort causes a student to exceed the allowed one year's leave of absence from the program, the student will be permitted, and expected, to re-enroll at the earliest availability of an appropriate cohort. All other Daemen College policies on Leaves of Absence and time limitations for program completion (including extensions) will apply.

Requirements for Graduation

A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 must be maintained to remain in good standing.  A failed course must be repeated. It may also be necessary to repeat coursework in which a grade below B (3.0) has been earned in order to maintain the 3.0 overall GPA. A student is allowed a maximum of two repeats before being dismissed from the Executive Leadership and Change program.

Application for Degree: All graduate students are required to file an Application for Degree form with the Registrar's Office at the onset of the final term of study. The application form is accessible on the Registrar's web page.

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