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Goal of the B.S. in Health Care Studies Degree

The goal of the B.S. in Health Care Studies degree program is to ensure that graduates have a life-long commitment to maximizing health and wellness through the integration of traditional and complementary therapies in a holistic approach to health care, injury and disease prevention, and health and wellness promotion.

Department Mission Statement

To prepare students to become knowledgeable, adaptable, reflective and service-oriented professionals by providing a combination of studies in health-related, behavioral, social, business and natural science course work directed toward development of a graduate committed to a holistic approach to health care, prevention and wellness, and health management.

Overview of the Health Care Studies Program

  • Offers a strong background in the physiological, psychological, sociological, behavioral and business aspects of health care delivery.
  • Provides students with practical skills necessary for careers in a variety of health care practices.
  • Incorporates service learning opportunities and a professional internship within their field of interest.
  • Prepares graduates for admission to graduate or other degree programs in many professional disciplines such as those in allied health (physical therapy, physician assistant, athletic training and occupational therapy), education, public health and business administration.

Program Objectives

Students in the Health Care Studies Program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences and apply this information to the understanding of the practice of health care, prevention and wellness, and health management.
  • Discuss the principles of and interrelationships between physical, mental and spiritual aspects of health and value a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to the promotion of health and the provision of health care services.
  • Discuss the theoretical foundations of health promotion, wellness and the prevention of injury and disease.
  • Use discipline-specific knowledge to communicate effectively through written, verbal and non-verbal communication with professional colleagues, payers, policy makers, and the general public.
  • Make sound, independent decisions regarding health, wellness and disease, and health care practice and management, based upon critical analysis of a broad spectrum of cultural, economic, ethical, moral, physiological and social factors.
  • Understand basic educational and business principles used in the design and administration of health care services and health promotion and wellness educational programming.
  • Understand the importance of continued personal and professional growth and lifelong learning through participation in advanced study.

More About the HCS Program Concentrations

  • Community Health - prepares students to pursue careers in staff and administration positions within health care systems, insurance agencies, government and not-for-profit community health agencies; in counseling programs; as a community health educator (individualized plans of study can lead to preparation for certification such as a Certified Health Education Specialist) and for graduate programs in Public Health, such as our own MPH program here at Daemen College, with specializations in Epidemiology, Community Health Education or a Generalist track, or other graduate programs in Health Care Administration, Business Administration, Community Health, Health Education and Social Science disciplines.
  • Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practices- provides preparation for careers in consultation, and program development and service delivery in a variety of areas related to complementary health care practices. Students completing the requirements for this concentration may design individual plans of study preparing them for certifications as practitioners in select practice areas such as massage, and/or in the domains of mind-body interventions, energy therapies, biological-based therapies, and/or manipulative and body-based therapies.
  • Health and Fitness Training - prepares graduates for careers in fitness and wellness consultation and in development, implementation and management of programs for performance enhancement, and injury and disease prevention. Individualized plans of study may lead to preparation for certifications such as Health and Fitness Instructor and/or Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  “The National Strength and Conditioning Association officially recognizes Daemen Colleges’ Program in Strength and Conditioning.”

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