Specialization: Complementary & Alternative Health Care Practices

If you intend to pursue a graduate degree, the following courses are recommended for completion of requirements in the major (p. 1-Section I): Anatomy/Physiology: BIO330-340; Biology: BIO109-110; Chemistry: CHE110-111.


HCS200 CPR and Emergency Health Care (2); HCS201 Survey of Eastern & Western Complementary Medical Approaches (3); HCS229 Holistic Lifestyle Practices (3); HCS301/L Physiology of Exercise & Cardiopulmonary Assessment (3/0); HCS317/L Human Motion: Principles and Perspectives (4/0).

AND COMPLETE 9 CREDITS FROM THE FOLLOWING: SELECT AT LEAST ONE COURSE FROM THREE OF THE FOUR AREAS Biologically Based Therapies; Energy Therapies; Manipulative & Body Based; Mind-Body Interventions:

Biological Based Therapies Domain

CAT230 Herbal Studies (3); CAT231 Aromatherapy: The Science of Fragrance (1); CAT232 Foundations of Homeopathy (2); CAT233 Introduction to Naturopathy (2)

Energy Therapies Domain

CAT220 Foundations of Energy Therapies (1); CAT221 Introduction to Chakra System (1); CAT222 Reiki I: Self (1); CAT223 Reiki II: Others (1); CAT224 Qi Gong Healing Method (1); CAT225 Acupressure (1); CAT226 Healing & Therapeutic Touch (1); CAT228 Introduction to Reflexology (1)CAT203 Science of Prayer in Healing (1)

Manipulative & Body Based Domain

CAT210 Massage Therapy I (2)CAT211 Massage Therapy II (1)CAT212 Massage Therapy III (1)CAT213 Foundations of Yoga (2)CAT214 Foundations of Tai Chi (1)

Mind-Body Intervention Domain

CAT201 Introduction to Psychoneuroimmunology (1); CAT202 Foundations of Meditation & Mental Imagery (2); CAT203 Science of Prayer in Healing (1); CAT204 Introduction to Hypnotherapy (3)

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