Specialization: Health & Fitness Training

If you intend to pursue a graduate degree, the following courses are recommended for completion of requirements in the major: Anatomy/Physiology: BIO330-340; Biology: BIO109-110; Chemistry: CHE110-111.

Course options

HCS200 CPR and Emergency Health Care (2); HCS301/L Physiology of Exercise & Cardiopulmonary Assessment (3/0); HCS317/L Human Motion: Principles and Perspectives (4/0); HCS332/L Strength & Conditioning (3/0); HCS340/L Musculoskeletal Fitness Assessment (3/0); HCS350/L Fitness Training and Exercise Prescription (3/0) AND 6 CREDITS OF ELECTIVES SELECTED FROM THE FOLLOWING: ATH101 Introduction to Athletic Training (1); CAT213 Foundations of Yoga (2); CAT214 Foundations of Tai Chi (1); CAT224 Qi Gong Healing Method (1); HCS105 Introduction to Weight Training (1); HCS106 Introduction to Core Strengthening (1); HCS205 Healthy Eating and Body Image (2); HCS206 Cardiovascular Health Education (2); HCS229 Holistic Lifestyle Practices (3); HCS313 Principles of Health Behavior Change (3); IND249 Performance Enhancement (3);MGT301 Introduction to Sport Management (3).

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