Here is what current students and recent graduates say about Daemen's PT programs

Matthew Kearns - DPT Program

Six years ago when I began searching for colleges and universities to attend to study physical therapy only one truly stood out as the school with the most to offer and that college was Daemen College. When I visited Daemen, I found a tight knit community comprised of students, teachers, and administrators that treated each other as peers and with the utmost respect.  Furthermore, I found a nationally top ranked physical therapy program that was known for producing quality clinic ready physical therapy graduates.  Lastly, I found a faculty and staff that always was willing to go the extra mile regardless of the circumstances or situation.   After finding all of the aforementioned qualities on my visit to Daemen, I thought Daemen was the right college for me. 

Arriving at Daemen for my undergraduate degree, I possessed high expectation, desires, and goals.  My Daemen College experience in my undergraduate education lived up to each and every one of these desires, goals, and expectations.  I had the opportunity to participate in an array of extra curricular activities while attaining a quality education that was challenged me intellectually.  Perhaps more important,  throughout my undergraduate education I had the opportunity, as every student does, to work with a physical therapy department faculty member in an effort to assure I was on the appropriate path to progress into the physical therapy program.

Progressing into my coursework in the Daemen College Physical Therapy program, I found myself in the midst of a rigorous academic program full of hands on experience, intellectual challenges, and decorated faculty.  In my opinion, the faculty in the physical therapy program is what allows the program to experience great success.  Every step of the way the faculty members were there to guide, foster, and challenge me to learn more and attain an even higher level of achievement.  The opportunity to participate in multiple diverse clinical internships produced lifelong professional relationships, valuable clinical lessons, and helped to mold me into the physical therapist I am today.  Furthermore, I had the opportunity to participate in research with a faculty member, as every student is required to do, and I can not speak enough to the value of this experience.  My faculty mentor was supportive and willing to help us through the research process in any way possible.  Ultimately, our research produced a quality piece of evidence based literature that will be presented at a physical therapy conference and published in a professional journal in the near future.

My experiences at Daemen College turned a nervous unsure freshman into a confident Doctor of Physical Therapy ready to face any challenge.  Daemen College was the perfect fit for me and I would encourage any prospective physical therapy student to strongly consider Daemen College as the institution at which to attain his or her physical therapy education.

Martha McKay - DPT program

I spoke with multiple professionals in several healthcare fields: OT, PT, nursing, medicine and speech pathology, and easily decided that PT had the values, options and opportunity I was looking for in a career. I applied to several physical therapy programs nationally and internationally, and sensed and integrity and energy to Daemen's program. I was attracted to the fact that professors at Daemen College continue to practice PT in addition to teaching.

I would highly recommend this program to others. Admittedly, it is a stressful program that requires a lot of hard work, but I feel that it is the perfect program to help me successfully accomplish this.

The best parts of the program are the thoroughness of the material, the knowledgeable faculty and the significant amount of clinical time.

Mark Basile - DPT Program

When I first started researching colleges for my physical therapy undergraduate work, the staff of the hospital I volunteered at had high respect and praise for Daemen College.  I researched and found out about their excellent academic program for physical therapy.
I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy in 2000 and I feel I was well prepared to practice physical therapy. I returned to Daemen College for the transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy program in 2007 because of the wonderful opportunity of strengthening my foundational knowledge and skills in physical therapy.  What I received was even greater - I had the opportunity to connect with colleagues that had the same motivation and drive for excellence I did, many of whom I still keep in contact with and collaborate with.
The professors and staff were very professional, excellent teachers, knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and accommodating in helping me develop into a true professional.     
I believe both the programs strengthened my confidence in my abilities and gave me the motivation to pursue and achieve a specialization (Geriatric Certified Specialist, American Board of Physical Therapy Specialist, 2010). 
I am very thankful for my time at Daemen.  It has made me a better clinician and a better professional.

Marvin P. Canita - OMPT program

The Daemen College Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy program is the only accredited orthopedic fellowship in the state of New York. This accreditation is both from the American Physical Therapy Association and the American Association of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists.

This program has made me a better manual physical therapist. I'm now more equipped with different tools in managing varied patient cases. The best part of the program is the eclectic approach in integrating several manual therapy techniques into patient assessment and management. The manual therapy taught is not limited to one school of thought but combines several techniques depending on the patient's need.

Daemen's program is mostly evidenced-based. Past and current research is on the backbone of the different manual therapy techniques taught for this program. Also, the program is very holistic. It does not only concentrate on teaching and practicing manual therapy skills but also on other important aspects such as research and differential diagnosis. In the long run, this approach ties up into making a better manual therapist.

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