Physician Assistant Student Clubs

Students Without Borders (SWOB)

  • President - Emma Blackley
  • Vice President  - Jenna Allers
  • Treasurer - Taylore Passero 
  • Fundraiser Coordinator - Courtney Wassink
  • Secretary - Erik Waltz
  • Travel Coordinator - Rebecca Grethel
  • Faculty Advisor - Dr. Gregg Shutts

Students Without Borders (SWOB) has organized annual trips to the Dominican Republic since 2000/2001. Typically, these January trips provide medical, dental, and humanitarian aid to the people of Progresso Dos in San Pedro deMarcoris. Generally, 350 to 500 patients receive care during each of these mission trips. All Daemen College students are eligible to participate. However, participation is limited to about 30 students each year.  SWOB Officers may select attendees through a variety of means including a lottery or blinded essay contest. The care provided by students is directly supervised by physicians, physician assistants, and dentists.  Most students participate during the 2nd year of the PA Program but future SWOB officers may begin to participate during the 1st year.  Many of the supervising clinicians are Daemen College alumni. If you love baseball, we also play a lot of it with the local children and visit the local Winter League team during our trip. 

Travel, food, and lodging costs are supported by mandatory fundraising activities.  However, each student's cost is still $700 to $800.  The annual trip is not guaranteed.  Future trip mays be canceled without advance notice due to unforeseeable circumstances (e.g. health, safety, political).

All student participants are required to follow international travel procedures established by the Daemen College Global Studies Office. These procedures include, but are not limited to, mandatory medical travel insurance and documentation of emergency contact information. Students must enroll in a college approved elective course (1 credit) and transcripts will reflect participation. Tuition is waived, but a $100 administrative fee is collected. All participants are referred to their primary care provider or a travel medicine specialist for recommendations regarding immunization and infectious disease prophylaxis.



Physician Assistant Student Society (PASS)

  • President - Katie Spears
  • Vice President -Rachel Ripellino
  • Secretary-Alicia Reimondo
  • Treasurer -Chelsey Milleville
  • Outreach Coordinator -Alexandra Evans

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